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Hello everyone! Hope you had a good half term break! I am back in school this week, teaching some of year 6, so I will be putting the work online that I am leaving for the key worker children from our class who are also in school. As they don't have access to Ipads or the internet, I am just using powerpoints and worksheets mostly. You can use this work if you want, or use the BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy sites we have used before and the government has recommended. Anything you aren't sure about message me on Class Dojo! Take care! See you all soon!


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Welcome to the Year 5 section for home learning. Your child should have come home with a home learning booklet,  in it are lots of different activities to complete. These activities can be completed as and when they can.  They should also have brought home a blank exercise book, they can use this book to complete any activities or additional work they may want to do. 

In addition, I will be posting some activities/learning on a daily basis. These could include a piece of English, Maths and a piece of work from one of the other curriculum areas. 

I hope that the children are able to complete the learning the best they can and it keeps them going during the coming weeks.

Please remember, arguing and falling out with your children to do work is not what we all need right now. Spend time with your children, enjoy their company, do things together and try not to worry about home-schooling. Children will not learn if they are feeling stressed. 

Many thanks 

Miss Johnson



  • Try to read with your child as often as possible. Ask them questions about their reading, about the language used in the book, the characters feelings and thoughts and predictions about what might happen next. 
  • Use the ttrock stars website to learn the multiplication and division facts up top 12 x12. The children all have their own log in details ( see exercise book) 
  • Use Daily Ten on the Topmarks website to learn the multiplication and division facts. 
  • Play board games.
  • Listen to music. 
  • Try some mindfulness and relaxation activities ( there are lots of ideas online). 
  • Try and get outside in the fresh air if possible.