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Netball 4th March 2019

Melody - Year 5 Comet

"It was a freezing, stormy event. We were all soaked through and I ended up with 2 sets of gloves!

The matches were fun even though we didn't score any goals. We scored one by Charlie but it was disallowed. After three games we were still determined but the last match got cancelled due to the weather. We all got nice and warm after and I wish Crossley Fields and Battyeford the best of luck in their final."


Sophie - Year 6 Neptune

"I enjoyed the netball competition so much. We were all saturated because it poured down. My legs were frozen as could be because I was in shorts. My legs were so numb. 

The bad thing was that we were in one of the last places. I think none of us could of helped that though because we were all frozen. I think when everyone got home they got in the bath or the shower - I did! Some of us had no coats on so they must have been more cold. Once we had finished the sun came out. The competition was from 4-5.30 at Crossley Fields."


Erin - Year 6

"At the competition it was raining really bad but we carried on and the teachers and parents carried on cheering us on. We all tried our hardest at the match and at the after school club."