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School Colours

Whilst we do not enforce a particular uniform we do wish to see the children in our school colours.

There is no requirement to purchase colours with the school logo, though these are available if you wish from Rawcliffes in Dewsbury.  However, if you would rather buy jumpers, fleeces and cardigans in red from a supermarket, then this is also acceptable.


Our Colours are:

White Polo Shirt, White Shirt, White Blouse

Red Cardigan, Jumper or Fleece

Navy, Black or Grey Trousers, or Shorts or Skirt

Red Gingham Dress

Black Shoes/Sensible Shoes suitable for the weather


Please label your children's clothing as one shirt looks very like another.  If we find clothing with a name in then we can return this to the child, however, if clothing is found without a label/name it will be put in lost property.  Please note that school staff will not spend time looking for items of clothing


Have a look online for labels.  You can buy sew on ones for about £11 per 100.


Second Hand Uniform


In order to support parents and carers, we are running a second hand uniform shop.  The shop has a limited number of the above items priced at 50p and £1.  All of the clothing has been washed and ironed as appropriate.


The shop is open daily, alternatively, you can contact school to request sizes and clothing.



P.E. is an essential area of our curriculum and one , which we expect the children to participate in.  We expect the children to have a change of clothes for P.E.


White T Shirt without logos or brand names

Navy Blue or Black Shorts

Navy or Black Leotard

Bare Feet unless we have a medical reason from parents



White T Shirt without logos or brand names

Black, Blue or Grey Tracksuit Bottoms

Plain Sweatshirt

Plain Rain Top

Black Pumps or Trainers (Velcro for younger children)

Small Wollen Gloves dependent on the weather

Hats or Caps dependent on the weather




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