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Our Curriculum 


At Hopton Primary School we aim to provide a creative, knowledge –engaged curriculum to ensure coverage and progression of core skills for all. 

Our curriculum philosophy is detailed in our Curriculum Intent statement below.



At Hopton we aim to provide a coherent curriculum by paying attention to the core threads that children can access the curriculum through.

A central part of the rationale for identifying core threads is that they provide guidance in the selection of curriculum content, with the aim of ensuring that students’ activities are the most worthwhile for their learning and make best use of precious and limited classroom time. Pupils’ intellectual development and knowledge-retention is supported by structuring learning according to these few carefully selected core themes and returning to them frequently, giving context and familiar language on which to build new learning. These core themes are continually returned to and reinforced in order to create an organised, easily-understood and progressive structure of learning.  This principle is about making connections and constant reference to a bigger picture.  


Our curriculum threads are detailed in the table below.