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School Council

Our School Council (2022-23)  is made up of two or three elected class representatives from each year group. In order to be a School Councillor the children have to talk to their peers about why they would be a good school councillor, what ideas they had and how they could help the school. The voting was then carried out anonymously. 

The children then meet as often as possible to discuss events and ideas that are important to them and the rest of the children. Class councils then take place where the School Council Reps can feedback to the other children. This also provides the children to share anything they want their representative to bring up. 


So far this the school council this year have discussed and are starting to take action on;

a) providing more bins around the playground especially on the field

b) working with Mr Corcoran to improve the toilets

c) organising some events like a 2/5km run and a football competition.

d) providing a tuck shop at break