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Who's Who

Teacher Role
Mr Andy Blakeley Head Teacher
Mrs Katrina Bates Assistant Head Teacher, SENCo, EYFS Leader and Foundation Stage  2 Teacher
Mrs Louise Barrow Assistant Head Teacher, Parental and Student Support, KS 1 Leader and Year 2 Teacher
Miss Suzanne Henderson Assistant Head Teacher, Safeguarding, KS2 Leader and Year 4 Teacher (Part time)
Mrs Emily Golec-Davey Foundation 1 Teacher (Part time)
Miss Katie Wike Foundation 1 Teacher (Part time)
Mrs Holly Parry Foundation 2 Teacher
Miss Arti Mistry Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Laura Little Year 1 Teacher
Mr James Asbery Year 2 Teacher
Miss Faye Crowther Year 3 Teacher 
Miss Amy Dunford Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs Claire Battye Year 4 Teacher (Part time)
Miss Nicola Johnson Year 5 Teacher
Miss Sophie Smith Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Fiona Etheridge Year 6 Teacher 
Mrs Barbara Lockwood Year 6 Teacher (Part time)
Mrs Alison Land Year 6 and Intervention Teacher (Part time)


Nursery Nurse Location
Mrs Shirley Drew Foundation 1 Nursery Nurse
Mrs Beverley Palmer Foundation 2 Nursery Nurse



Education Teaching Assistant Location
Miss Gemma Helliwell Generally Foundation Stage 
Mrs Janet Jackson Generally Foundation 2
Mrs Angela Ramsden Generally Key Stage 1
Mrs Joanna Mansfield Generally Key Stage 1
Mrs Gill Hammonds Generally Key Stage 1
Mrs Julie Housecroft Generally Key Stage 2
Mrs Lynn Smith Generally Key Stage 2 
Mrs Louise Jennings Generally Key Stage 2 



Administration Post Title
Miss Suzanne Ellison Bursar
Mrs Rachel Balbontin Senior Business Support Officer


Premises Post Title
Mrs Julie Avery Part Time Caretaker Monday to Wednesday Morning
Mr Dave Corcoran Part Time Caretaker Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon to Friday


Lunch Time Staff Post Title
Mrs Julie Avery Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Susan Sweet Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Angela Moon Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Gill Hammonds Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Angela Ewart Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Sandra Bull Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant