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Sportshall Athletics 


Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th November at MFG


The children took part in a variety of different athletic activities alongside other children from Mirfield schools. Activities included; obstacle course relay, 1:1 relay, 2:2 relay, 4:1 relay, hurdles, speed bounce, long jump, triple jump and chest push.


On Tuesday Year 3 and 4 went to MFG to compete in the above activities, they did a fanatic job and we came 1st with 140 points. Crowlees were 2nd with 136 points and Crossley Fields were 3rd with 130 points. 


On Thursday Year 5 and 6 went to MFG to compete in the above activities. Despite coming 1st and 2nd in many relay races the overall result was 3rd. The competition from the other schools was too great and there were some very fast runners. Crowlees were the winners and Battyeford were 2nd. 

Despite that we did a fantastic job and I was incredibly proud of each and every one of them. 

Football match at Birkby 7th November 2017 



Mr Asbery gathered the boys together to give them a pre-match briefing and to tell them their positions. 

Players in the first half are Jacob, Thomas, Ben, Tyler, Ben P, Ben S and Matthew. 

Rayaan and Aaron were substitutes in the first match. 


There was a coin toss and Birkby were first to kick. 

Matty showed great skill and possession, he passed to Jacob and they got close to the goal. Birkby then gained possession. 

Matty got the ball and shot but Birkby saved. 

Birkby then got to ball back but Thomas saved it. 

Hopton won possession once again, the ball was passed to Jacob and he shot, it was on target and we scored. 

After kicked off once again Birkby got the ball and scored! 

Birkby won possession again and shot on target but Thomas saved it with his shoulder. 

Both teams showed a lot of passing and dribbling skills. Hopton were watching the ball at all times. 

Birkby got a free kick, it was on target but Thomas saved it well, not once but twice. 

Ball went out, ball was awarded to Birkby. 

Both teams were great and showed great skills in passing and tackling. 

After some great passes and attempts on goal we scored! 


First half ended with 2-1 to Hopton


Mr Asbery gave the team a talk at half time, he complimented Thomas for great defending in goal, reminded Jacob to stay back and defend. 

Mr Asbery put Rayaan and Aaron on and took off Tyler and Ben. 


Next half started with a Hopton ball. They started strong with lots of defending, the ball went out of play and was Hoptons ball. Ben threw it into our half and attempted to get near goal. 

We had lots of shots on target but they were saved by Birkbys goalie. 

Ben had a great touch and shot on target but it was saved. 

The ball went high and the children were able to get it back by heading the ball. 

Birkby are doing a lot of defending this half and not much attacking. 

Ball then returned to Birkby end, Thomas did a great save showing how he was keeping his eye on the ball at all times. 

Birkby got possession of the ball and made the score equal at 2-2. 

Birkby worked hard on attacking but Hopton continued to defend. 

Birkby then got possession again and the score became 3-2 to Birkby. 

Hopton fought back and Jacob scored another goal and it became 3-3. 

They got the fighting spirit and had another shot on target and it became 4-3 to Hopton. 

Just before the final whistle was blown Birkby scored and levelled the score to 4-4. 


The match was over and the final score was 4-4 to Hopton. 


Both teams showed great football skills and team work. Hopton need to work on talking and communicating with each other in our next match! 


Well done team! 

Tuesday 10th October 2017


We attended the cross country Kirklees finals at Leeds Road Playing fields. 

We took 4 teams from year 4 and 5, these consisted of 2 teams of girls and 2 teams of boys. All the children had been successful in the cross country event at Crossley Fields. 


All the children tried their best and they did fantastically. 

The results were as follows; 

Year 4 girls qualified with 117 points and were 5th. Melody came 11th in her race- what an achievement!

Year 4 boys qualified with 108 points and were 2nd. Charlie came 6th and Bobby was 11th! Great!!

Year 5 girls qualified with 91 points and were 3rd. Thea came 13th and Erin came 20th - well done!

Year 5 boys qualified with 115 points and were 4th. 


Children are now in training for the West Yorkshire finals that will be held on Thursday 8th March at Temple Newsam. The children that qualified for the race will be taking part in an after school running club with Mr Blakeley, Miss Charlston and Miss Dunford. 



Thursday 28th September 2017

We attended the cross country at Crossley Fields School.

We had a great turn out with teams from Year 4-6 and fun runners from Year 1-3.

We did fantastically, the results were as follows;

Year 4 girls team won

Year 4 boys team won

Year 5 girls team won

Year 5 boys team won


Unfortunately the competition was too much for year 6 and we were the second best team overall.

We also had some children win or come in the top 5 from year 1, 2 and 3.


We will now be attending the cross country Kirklees final at Leeds Road Playing Fields on Tuesday 10th October in the hope to go through to the West Yorkshire final. We got there last year lets hope we have the same success this year!!



There are many upcoming events that the children of Hopton Primary School will attend. 


Here are the results from the competitions we have been to so far this year. 


Cross Country and Fun run - 28th September 2016

Children from Years 3,4,5 and 6 attended and took part in the cross country final for the Mirfield area at Crossley Fields. 

The results were as follows;

Year 3 Girls won

Year 4 Girls won

Year 4 Boys won

Y5 Ruby and Lilly came 2nd and 3rd

Y6 Ava came 2nd

These fantastic results meant that the above children were invited to the Kirklees final at Leeds road playing fields.


Year 1 and 2 children were invited to take part in a 'fun run' which they did and thoroughly enjoyed.


Cross Country finals – 12th October 2016

The children from the above cross country final were invited to Leeds Road playing fields to take part in the Kirklees School final where they were against all the other children from around Kirklees.

It was a tough afternoon with very heavy rain and extremely muddy grass but the children did very well and battled through the weather.

The results were;

Thea 7th automatically qualified

Year 4 girls team qualified on points

Year 4 boys team qualified on points

Ruby 7th automatically qualified

Lilly 9th  automatically qualified


These fantastic results mean that the above children and groups will be invited to attend the Yorkshire final in 2017!

Both myself (Miss Charlston) and Mr Blakeley were extremely proud of the children and the work they put into their races. Well done!



Sportshall athletics 29th and 30th November

The children recently attended a Sportshall athletics competition between the other 3 Mirfield Schools.

Year 3 and 4 attended on Tuesday 29th November and were fantastic in all disciplines and came 2nd overall!!

Year 5 and 6 attended on Wednesday 30th November. The competition was very tough and the children were excellent, overall we came 3rd.

The children had the chance to showcase their new sports t-shirts and we all looked brilliant.

Great effort from everyone!



Sportshall Athletics

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Sportshall Athletics  2