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Welcome to the Year 3 section for home learning. 

Your child should have come home with a home learning booklet containing different activities to complete. These activities can be completed as and when you have time. Children have also taken home a blank exercise book which they can use to complete any activities or additional work they may want to do. 


** We will post Daily Tasks at the bottom of this page. These might include a piece of English, maths and an activity from another curriculum area. **


Please don't feel you have to keep up with every learning task, just dip in and out as you see fit.  We would recommend having fresh air breaks and healthy snacks in between learning tasks, just as the children would at school.


We hope that the children are able to complete the learning as best they can and that it keeps them going during the coming weeks. 

We appreciate that everyone's home situation is different and many parents will still have work commitments. Some of your children will be in school each day whilst you do the fantastic job of keeping the country running, so just do what you can.

We also know that many of you have children in different year groups so pleased don't feel pressured to be teacher 24/7.  


Try to spend some quality time with your children, enjoy their company when doing tasks together and try not to worry about home-schooling as children won't learn if they are feeling stressed. 

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine if you can!

Many thanks and stay safe.

Mrs Kellett & Mrs Land


General Activities: 

  • Try to read with your child regularly. This could be a school book, a book from their own bookshelf, a leaflet, an online newspaper (check content is suitable!) etc. Ask them questions about what they've read, about the vocabulary used, characters' feelings and thoughts & predictions about what might happen next.
  • Use the different times table websites such as Times Table Rock Stars or Hit the Button to learn multiplication and division facts.  In Year 3 we have been learning x3, x4 & x8, whilst also revising x2, x5 & x10 from Y2. If your child is a times tables whizz, feel free to practise up to 12x12!  Children's log-in details for ttrockstars are in their Home Learning books.
  • Play board games with the family.
  • Build Lego models.
  • Listen to music, dance and sing along.
  • Take a photograph of the view from your window then paint it. 
  • Try some mindfulness and relaxation activities.  Try drawing random patterns with a pen, then colour gaps between the lines whilst listening to relaxing music.
  • Teach your child life skills such as baking, tying shoelaces or using the washing machine.
  • Try and get outside in the fresh air.  Bounce a ball or play keepy uppies: how many can you do in 20 seconds? Do some gardening together - weeding, pruning and planting can be therapeutic.  Or wash the family car to earn some pocket money!