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Week 3 20th-24th April Summer

Hi all, hope you are all well. We have put a selection of English, Maths and other lesson activities for the children to have a go at. Please remember home- schooling can be a tricky job ( talking from experience and we are trained teachers!!!angry) and we know that many of you will be working from home as well. We therefore don't expect you to get through all the activities or for the children to spend hours and hours doing the activities.  Be kind to yourself, you are doing a great job!!!!



To give you an idea of how we learn in school, for example, in a maths lesson we would spend about 15 minutes doing a mental warm up ( learning multiplication facts, doing quick mental additions/subtractions) which would be done with no or very little writing or recording work. We would then do about 20 minutes discussing and practicing the new learning, this would be us ( the teacher) showing the children the new learning, the children discussing with partners and then having a go. The children would then do about 20 minutes work which might be  written work or playing a game/activity. At the end of the lesson we would recap on what we have learnt and ask the children to explain some of their learning or demonstrate it. Therefore, we don't do a full hour doing purely written work or calculations.  We would then have a break, either playtime/lunchtime or do some sort of brain break  (e.g. following a clapping sequence, playing a guess who game, moving around the room) before moving on to a different lesson.