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We have been looking at how World War 2 started. Can you remember all the factors involved? Can you remember what happened during the Treaty of Versailles?


We have also looked at what happened during the Blitz. How did the cities cope with the constant bombardment from the German Luftwaffe?


Now we are going to be looking at the evacuation and how this impacted on the country. Think about William Beech. Can you remember how he felt? What about Mister Tom? How did he feel about having to take in an evacuee he knew nothing about? Do you think it would have been frightening for either of them?


Below is a link to a website where real evacuees describe their experiences. Please watch it and compare their experiences with those of William?

A Day in the Life Of A 10-Year-Old Evacuee - Hands on History - BBC

Watch this short video about what life must have been like for children like William

Follow this PowerPoint and consider the key questions at the end elating to the changing attitudes towards evacuation throughout WW2.