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Summer term week 4 (11th - 15th May)

Can you believe that this would have been SATs week? Today you could have been sat in the hall doing the tests! I'm not sure how you feel about that? Some of you may be relieved not to be doing them but some of you may have been looking forward to the challenge! Either way, it will be a very different week ahead! I have some activities planned that will continue what we were doing last week but I also have a 'fun' SATs alternative test for you to do! Hope you enjoy it all!

Have a go at this silly maths reasoning test in recognition that this would have been SATs week

Monday 11th May


Have you had a go at the silly SATs reasoning test! Send me your best answers on Class Dojo!

We are completing our algebra work by starting with solving simple equations

Tuesday 12th May


It gets a bit more challenging today - now we are doing 2 step equations.


Wednesday 13th May


Today we are moving onto finding 2 pairs of values. See how you get on with these.

Thursday 14th May


More on finding 2 values today.

Friday 15th May


Now it is time to see how well you have progressed with your algebra. The following papers contain real SATs algebra questions from previous years. The first one has questions for those working at the expected standard. The second paper is much more challenging and is for those working at greater depth. Even then, you may find some of the questions very challenging. Good luck and let me see how well you did through Class Dojo.