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Summer term - week 2 (27th April - 1st May)

Well done to all of you that have sent me your maths work with lots of ticks by parents! 

This week we are building on the fractions work by looking at the relationship between fractions and ratio and then leading into ratio and proportion work. This is all revision as we covered this is HT2 but it can be a challenging area so I am using the White Rose small steps to help you. The worksheets have simple layouts. There will be some more challenging work for those more confident.  Good luck with it, pace yourself and have fun!  



We are going to start with the language of ratio. This is a basic refresher but good for building confidence.  There is another set of work for today which is looking at how fractions relate to ratio



Today we are looking at the symbol of ratio : and how we use it. 



We are calculating ratio today. You can draw the answers - for every 1 ____ there are 3 _____ using dots or drawing the item itself.  If you are more confident you can use a bar model or just complete it mentally. 



We are moving onto scale factors today. It is linked to ratio because we start with one shape and say what size would it be is it was 3 times bigger or if we used a scale factor of 3.  It's a lovely activity because it brings back shape work as well!



Now that we have covered ratio including scale factors we are going to be trying problems. The White Rose materials will give you a good idea of what is expected but if your target is greater depth, try the other booklets I have attached!