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Summer Raffle 2021

Summer Raffle


We have decided to hold a summer raffle despite being unable to host our summer fair.  There will be a few prizes on offer, with the main one being a 'Party Hamper'.


This hamper includes all sorts of treats and goodies, which include a selection of wines and beers as well as non alcoholic drinks.


I am posting 4 pictures of the hamper, which is so big it takes up the whole of the sofa in my room!


We are running the raffle through ParentPay as we did so successfully at Christmas.  The winning tickets for the hamper and other prizes will be drawn on Wednesday 21st July.


Miss Ellison is putting the raffle on parent pay and you will be able to buy as many tickets as you would like using the normal parent pay procedures. After the raffle has closed, I will be allocating actual raffle tickets which will correspond to the amount of money paid by yourselves and then these will be put into the drum and the winning ticket will be drawn. Therefore, if you have paid £10, I will allocate 10 tickets, each with your name written on


All of the profit will be put into the school budget for the benefit of the children.


​​​​​​​Have a go and good luck! 


The Party Hamper