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This week we are continuing with our light and dark topic and will focus on shadows- thinking about how they are made and investigating how they change. Shadows have even been used on Britain's Got Talent! Watch these amazing clips:

Below are some web links to help with your learning. Watch these before you begin each task.

Let me know how you get on via Class Dojo- I'd love to see what you've done.

Mrs Battyelaugh


Task 1- Changing shadows

Follow the information on the changing shadows task sheet and then complete the investigation tasks: Comic strip planner and Results and patterns.


Task 2- Shadow puppet theatre 

Follow the steps on the task sheet to make a shadow puppet theatre and puppets. Interpret this task however you like- make it around something which interests you. 

Alternatively, look on the internet to find out how to make hand shadows and see if your family members can guess what they are! There are lots of online videos to watch to find out how to do this.

Task 3- Arty shadows

On a sunny day why not get creative in the garden. Make shadows of some of your favourite objects onto white paper. Draw around the shadow, then colour, paint or collage the result.

Task 2 activity sheets

Web links