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This half term we are continuing with the topic ' Food, skeleton and muscles'.


This week I'd like you to create a PowerPoint presentation all about bones and muscles,  focusing on how the skeleton works and it's important functions ,as well as explaining all about how different muscles and joints work and why they are important for the movement of the body.

I've included some information sheets and web links below for you to have a look at before you start. Don't worry if you can't access a computer, you can create an information booklet instead.

Try to include: headings, fact-files, pictures or diagrams. Think about how the slides look and how they transition in the slide show. If you can insert photos and video clips into your presentation that would be greatyes

I'd love for you to show some of these when we return to school so save them to a storage device if you would like to.


Here are some suggestions of the headings you may include:

- Bones of the skeleton

- Why is the skeleton is important?

- All about muscles and what they do

- What are joints and how do they help us move?


This is only a guide- feel free to research and include other information about the human body or if ICT isn't your thing, get creative- a song, rap, poem, poster or craft, whatever inspires you.


Have fun! Mrs Battye laugh