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We are moving on to our last topic, Colour Chaos! As the title of the topic suggests, the work all links in some way to colour. For the remaining weeks of this half-term, I'll provide different tasks that you can try or ideas for you to think about.


What is colour? How do humans see in colour?

Colour comes from the sun. The sun produces an enormous amount of energy. This energy comes in many different forms- light, gamma rays, x-rays, microwaves and radio waves. Light is the only one which is visible. White light is made up of different wavelengths of different colours.

A rainbow is where light is split up into the different colours/wavelengths.


Water splits light. So when it’s sunny and rainy, the raindrops, like the water in our glass, split the light. When sunlight shines through the raindrops the different coloured rays spread out at different angles and you can see a curved band of colours across the sky.


Watch the videos on the weblinks below and then try the activity.


Have a try at the two activities below - making a rainbow.


Research all about the colours of the rainbow- which has the longest and shortest wavelengths?