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Saturn Other - Summer Week 2 (27.04.2020)

Friday 1st May 2020

Wow, I can’t believe that it is May already. Time seems to be going so fast, so I thought that I would take you back in time with a little history lesson, that will get us prepared for our new topic.

Do you know ‘what period of history these people are from?’ ‘What do you think are they are doing?’ ‘Why are they doing that?’ ‘Do you think you know anything else about this period of time?’

You are going to learn some background information today about pre-historic times. Enjoy.

Thursday 30th April 2020

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s coding lesson as much as I did. I think I have found another lesson that will let you show off your creativity. Today i have found you another music lesson that looks great fun, you are going to learn how to ‘Beatbox’. This involves you creating different sounds with your mouth in rhythms, it can be used like the base music for a song.

So what do you think, you up for the challenge? I would love to watch your effects, send me a video across on Class Dojo. Enjoy.

Wednesday 29th April 2020

I hope to add a little fun and sparkle into your day seeing as the weather has taken a dive. During our time away from school we haven’t looked at any ICT work yet, so today is the day. I have stumbled upon a website that has activities relating to the coding topics that we cover in school. On the website that the link will take you to, there are lots of different options for you to choose from but I want you to choose a specific one (we may use the others at a later time). I would like you to choose the ‘Dance Party’ option. It is the very first choice on the screen. When I was at school yesterday, I had a go at it, I loved it. You choose a character and get them to dance to a song of your choice, you can even get them to dab or floss and have mini dance offs. It is really easy to follow as the instructions you need to follow are at the top of the screen.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Today I would like you to you your artistic heads on. To help me relax and unwind I have taken to sketching little pictures, like the one that I used in the video that Mr B created (I hope you all enjoyed it). 

Do you remember at Christmas when we sketched a picture of ourselves to include on our calendars, well it is one thing drawing us, but can you use your skills to draw someone else? I would like you to choose someone who you haven’t seen for a while, this could be a member of your family or a friend. Using the video that I have included (the same one we used at school) can you draw that person, leave it as a pencil sketch or if you prefer you can add colour. 

Why don’t you send it to this person, I am sure they would love to receive a surprise from you, I know I would. Don’t forget I love to see your work so please keep uploading your work onto Class Dojo.

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning, I hope you had a good weekend and had a break from educational tasks. To ease us in today, we are going to practice some PE skills. The weather seems to be changing this week, so let’s see if we can get outside before it does. A topic that we would have been studying this half term, would have been rounders, I have been coming up with ways to try to practice a few skills that you would need in order to participate in different roles in the game.

We are going to think of our catching skills today, so if you can get out in your garden, brilliant, if not, just find a space in your house and more some furniture or at least the things you don’t want to damage. If you don’t have a ball, don’t panic, I thought that you could use a rolled up pair of socks 🧦, as this is quite a good size and shape.

Practice throwing the ‘ball’ straight up and catching it, remember what your hands should look like, yep you’ve got it, they should look like cups. If it is a low cup, your little fingers should be touching, if it’s a high cup above your head, your thumbs should be touching, have your hands tucked into your body, not way out in front of you. The more confident you get, try throwing it a little higher. Remember once you have caught the ball, bring your hands close to your body.

If someone is available why not ask them to throw the ball 🎾  to you to catch. Start closer together and the more confident you become take a step back. Once this is mastered, ask your partner to throw the ‘ball’, in different direction which means you have to move in order to catch it. And lastly, ask them to throw the ‘ball’ at different levels, so you can practice your high and low catches.