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Saturn - Maths (Summer Week 5 18.05.2020)

Friday 22nd May 2020

One more day until your holiday starts, yippee 🥳. So to get you started on today’s learning I have found an online game to practice your times tables. It involves getting your penguin across the broken ice and safely to the other side. Good luck.

We are still continuing with our shape work, you will be concentrating on rectangles and squares, this means that your angle work from last week may be helpful for you. If you still have your angle eater, get it out if you need it.

Thursday 21st May 2020

I hope you had a fantastic time in the glorious sun 🌞 yesterday.

We have not practiced our range of times tables recently so I thought today you could sign into your ‘TT rockstars’ accounts (remember your log in details are glued at the front of the exercise school book 📚 I handed when we last saw each other). Try to earn yourself loads of coins so that you can upgrade your avatar some how. Let’s rock and roll!

This week you have learned about perpendicular and parallel lines. Today I want to see what you have managed to remember about them. Have you created a little way of you remembering which are which, like my example of parallel lines looking like train tracks and perpendicular lines for me remind me of a capital T. I bet you can remember loads. How me what a bunch of smartie pants you are.

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hey you guys, how are you all doing today. I am full of beans as always. We are going to get started today by playing a warm-up game that we have played in class before. It is called dots. You will need a partner to play this game. I have included a little video clip of how to play and also if you don’t want to draw the dots I have included a sheet of dots that you could make into smaller grids.

Have you pens at the ready.

We are continuing looking at different types of lines that a shape could have. Today our focus is parallel lines. I like to think 🤔 of them like train 🚂 tracks, 2 lines that will never meet. Can you spot them? Remember to have your ruler at hand if you are going to draw them.

Tuesday 19th May 2020

I had some really lovely positive feedback from you guys yesterday on the Maths starter I gave you. I’m glad it went down so well. So I have another little problem for you to solve. It will definitely help you, if you draw the grid out and have the amount of coins/counters that it specifies so you can move them around the grid. Have fun.

Hopefully you will all now be able to tell me what perpendicular lines are. Did you manage to spot them in the task? Now that you know what they are, your next step is to be able to have a go at drawing them. As you will have learnt from yesterday, they involve straight lines, so what piece of equipment am I asking you to have to hand today? Yes that’s right, I heard you all shout from Mirfield, a ruler Mrs K. If you don’t have a ruler, use anything that has a straight edge that you can use for a guide.

Monday 18th May 2020

Well where did the weekend go? It seems to zip past in the blink of an eye. What did you get up to? I went for a game of family rounders which resulted in a very mardy 3 year old and a lovely walk in the woods. 
Let’s get our numbers groove on. I have a fantastic number puzzle 🧩 for you to try. you can numbers on small pieces of paper 📝 or post it notes, and draw the grid out on an A4 piece of paper. 
If you are wondering what consecutive numbers are, they are numbers that are in front and straight after. Let me give you an example, if you had the number 3, it’s consecutive numbers would be 2, as that is just before it and 4, as that comes straight after it.


We are continuing to think about the properties of shapes, last week we did this by looking at the angles that a shape could have. Today we will look at a type of line a shape could have, it’s probably one that you have not come across before and it is quite a long word, you ready, have a go at saying it, perpendicular. Don’t worry it may sound tricky but you lot are smarty pants so I know you won’t have a problem. Watch the video to help understand what they look like and then can you identify them.