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Saturn Maths Summer Week 4 (11.05.2020)

Friday 15th May 2020

Lets get started by playing a game. It is similar to the game of ‘21’ that we play in the classroom, but you don’t need the full class to be there to play this version. May get slightly cramped in your living room, if we could all get together lol πŸ˜‚.

All this week you have been looking at different names for the angles that we come across in shapes and everyday objects. Today you are going to revise angles and think because to all that you have learnt over the week. Have fun.

Thursday 14th May 2020

The sun 🌞 is shining and I hope this puts a smile πŸ˜ƒ on your face. It certainly has with mine.

I have a little puzzle 🧩  for you that involves little monkeys πŸ’, remind me of anyone lol.

You could use some items to help you find the different solutions if you want to make it hands on.


Three monkeys 🐡 are a total of 25 nuts πŸ₯œ.

Each of them are a different ODD number of nuts.

How many nuts did each of the monkeys eat?

Find as many different ways to do it as you can.


I hope you enjoyed making your angle eater and finding all the right angles. Today you will be looking for 2 types of angles, acute and obtuse. acute means that it is smaller than a right angle and obtuse is larger than a right angle, but not as big as a straight line.

Use your angle eater again to help you.




Wednesday 13th May 2020

How are we all today? I hope you are managing to keep your spirits high. I’m always just a message away of ‘Class Dojo’ if anyone needs me, that is both children and adults.

Onto today’s warm-up, it is called ‘Card Tricks’.

Max the magnificent magician has 8 cards. There is a number from 1 to 8 on each card.

Max has chosen four cards that add up to 20.

What are they?

There are seven different possibilities.

Try to find them all.

What if Max has 3 cards that add up to 16?

Now that your brains are ready, today we will be continuing with our angles work. You will be looking for a specific angles today, it is called a right angle. Right angles are all over, to help you visualise what they look πŸ‘€ like, think of what a corner of a piece of paper πŸ“ looks like, a corner of a table, the corner of a door πŸšͺ or window.

I hope that helps.

To help with the lesson I have included an instruction sheet on how to make an angle eater. Which will help you to locate right angles. It looks like pac-man. You can create a character and colour it in to add a bit of fun.


Angle Eater

Tuesday 12th May 2020

By now, I think πŸ’­ you all must know that I am a huge fan of logical problems and puzzles 🧩. So I would hate to disappoint and not give one now. This puzzle can be played online and I have set a link under this for you. The idea is, you have a fish made out of matchsticks, by moving only 3 of the matchsticks, can you get the fish 🐟 to swim in the opposite direction? Good luck.


Today we will be continuing looking at our angle work, but today you will be trying to identify them in shapes and can you spot any links or patterns between the shape and the amount of angles it has?

Monday 11th May 2020

For the little warm-up task today, I want you to teach someone in your house 🏠 the ‘nice or nasty’ game. Remember you will need to decide if you are playing the nice or nasty version and whether it is the person with the highest or lowest number who wins. I have included an instructions sheet and scoring sheet that you can refer to and use. If you cannot find a dice 🎲, I have included a link to an online dice.

We are going to steer away from numbers and calculations for the next couple of lessons and look at some shape work, in particular the angles that shapes can have. Today can you identify angles in objects and shapes?