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Saturn Maths - Summer Week 3 (04.05.2020)

Thursday 7th May 2020

Another number puzzle 🧩 coming your way. You are going to be practicing your addition skills, so get your brains at the ready.

It has been quite a while since we focussed on our times tables especially our 3 times table that we learnt back in the autumn 🍂 term, which feels a million miles away now. You are going to be looking at multiplying and also dividing our 3 times table as it is important to understand the relationship they have and how they work along side each other. Again you get to choose which site you would prefer to use. Mix and match again, but please only go through 1 set of the activities. 

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Let’s get your logical puzzle skills ready. I have found a number puzzle for you to have a go at, it is interactive and there are lots of levels that you can progress through. See how far you can go, don’t worry if you find it tricky, just try your best.

We are still ploughing our way through money, yesterday we added to find totals, today we will be subtracting amounts, which would help to find the change that you would receive in a shop. Again there are 2 different versions of this that I have found, use 1 or mix and match for elements but please do not complete both activities.

Or why not play shops again with someone at home 🏠. 

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Here’s a warm up that we have done in class before. If you want to find totals that are larger than 10, that’s fine. What totals can you make?  

We are still looking at money today. I hope you found converting pounds and pence ok yesterday. Today you will be looking at adding money together. Again you have a choice of 2 different sites that you can use to help with this learning. 
An idea that you could do after, instead of printing out the tasks that they offer is you could create a mini shop at home 🏠. You could make a sign for it and think 🤔 of a name for it. Choose items from around the house and place prices on them. Choose 2 of them and add the values together. Play shopkeepers with another member of your family.

Monday 4th May 2020

You will all b glad that the fractions marathon os over lol 😆. I sure am. For the next few lessons we will be looking at money. 

So let us warm our brain up to thinking in pounds and pence. 

Using 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins, how many different ways can you make 18p?

For the main element today, we are looking at converting pounds and pence. Now I have come across 2 different sites that are concentrating on the same learning, so you can choose which you would prefer to do. You could mix and match and watch both videos from the sites and then choose which activities take your fancy. Please do not complete both sets of activities.