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Saturn Literacy Summer Week 4 (11.05.2020)

Friday 15th May 2020

It is nearly the weekend guys, so lets give it one last enthusiastic push with our learning. Today’s warm-up is a describing game. Get your fantastic adjectives at the ready and go.


Find a picture, this could be on the internet or in a book πŸ“š that you have(beach / mountains / famous place) do not show it to the other person you are playing with.  One child sits with their back to the other so that they cannot see the view.

The child who is looking at the picture has to describe elements of the picture in order for their partner to guess where the setting is. The listening child can ask questions in order to find out where they are supposed to be.

When he/she is very close he/she can view it and then swap over roles.


I have found for you today a range of activities that you can do, please do not feel you have to do them all, but choose 3 of them that you think you will be able to do your best with. Give it all you have got.

There is a picture stimulus to get you started, from there the activities are: story starter, can you create a short story using the picture as your starting point. Question time, answering questions about the picture and maybe your own experiences around it. sentence challenge, can you write some interesting sentences that include all the SPaG work we have been doing and your WoW words. Sick sentences, they are a bit boring, can you try to liven them up by including more detail and changing any of the boring words and lastly, picture perfect, can you draw a picture focussed around the picture. Enjoy.


Thursday 14th May 2020

I have found for you an online game that will help you to revise the apostrophe that we looked at last week. The apostrophe is for contraction, when two words are shortened to one and an apostrophe is used to replace the missing letters. It is a pairs game. See how you get on.

We are looking at SPaG work again today. It is a spelling lesson, on just 3 words, but these words are tricky to remember which spelling goes with what meaning are you ready, here we go: there, their and they’re.

there - to do with place (to help you, the word here is hidden inside it)

their - when an item belongs to someone

they’re - shortened version of they are (the apostrophe should help you with this one).

Good luck. 

Wednesday 13th May 2020

To start with today I have got an activity that requires you to be very persuasive. You can either write you ideas πŸ’‘ down or perhaps why don’t you film your ideas and upload them onto ‘Class Dojo’ for me to see. You are going to have to think of reasons to try to persuade a snowman ⛄️ to come into your kitchen from the outside. Use your imaginations and creativity. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


For your main section today, I want you to think πŸ€” about your proof reading skills, we call to evaluating and editing your work. What isn’t quite right about a piece of writing? Is it the spelling? Is it the punctuation? Have you missed words out of a sentence? Could you use better words? Could you include more detail?

See how you find the lesson. Enjoy.



Tuesday 12th May 2020

I’m sat in my living room (Monday evening as I am in school tomorrow) with my spotty (no not my teenage son lol πŸ˜‚) dog 🐢, Tedi, resting his head on my legs. He is one of my fur babies and such a softie. 
Here is another way of warming your word brain up.


1) Choose a category. Possible categories include:

Food and Drink Animals
Jobs Places
Names Things smaller than a car
Things found in a house Things found in school
Sports and Leisure Television and Film

2) Choose one thing from that category and tell someone else. For example, if the category was animals, you could call out "dog".

3) The next word in the list, has to begin with the last letter of the previous item. So if you did say “dog” the next word would have to begin with a “g”.

3) This process continues until you cannot think of a suitable word - repetition of words is not allowed!

Example ... dog, giraffe, elephant, tiger, rabbit, tortoise ...

How many can you list before you become stuck. Challenge someone to have a go.


Today, I would like you to have a go at writing ✍️ a diary πŸ“” extract, not from your point of view, but from a character in a video that you will watch. Try to place yourself into that character’s shoes πŸ‘ž, how would they be feeling? What thoughts would they have? What do you think they would do next? Use those fantastic imaginations of yours.


Monday 11th May 2020

I hope you had fun in the sun 🌞 yesterday.

We haven’t practised our spellings for a few weeks now, so let’s get our Year 3/4 words at the ready. I am going to set you a challenge, can you pick between 5 and 10 words that you think will be tricky to learn and learn their meaning as well as how to spell them. Try the little task I have placed on here, it is one that you have been given before.

Today’s main focus is looking at similes and metaphors. We all love πŸ’“ a good simile in our writing and we haven’t written any for quite a while, so practice those skills today and let me know what you come up with. Will you be ‘as quiet as a mouse’ when you complete the tasks?