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Saturn Literacy - Summer Week 3 (04.05.2020)

Thursday 7th May 2020

Here we go! I have another little word game for you where you can let your imagination get to work. So the more creative and crazier the sentence the better. Here’s how to play.


Think of 4 or 5 letters of the alphabet. These need to be written where they are easily visible.

The idea is to make a 4 or 5 word sentence - each word beginning with the letters given by the children. 

Eg If the letters "B F A S" were given, a sentence could be "big fish always swim" or "Ben's favourite arm swings".


Today we are going to think 🤔 about our reading skills again. It is important that we are able to have an opinion about what we think to stories, characters, plot line and how we can summarise main points to explain why, so read the extract and follow the tasks and you will be on your way to doing this.




Wednesday 6th May 2020

I have found a speaking and listening 👂 activity for you to have a go at. It does involve another person, as one person needs to describe while the other person draws what is being described. I have included a link which gives greater detail and some pictures that you could use, but if they are too tricky you can always think 🤔 of your own.

Today we are going to learn about what a recount is, a recount is when you are telling someone about an event that happened who wasn’t actually there. (Like you guys do when we do our ‘what did you do at the weekend’ speaking and listening activity where we use the iPad to time everyone). Watch the video and play the online game and then make notes 📝 on an athletes recount and then have a go at writing a small one of your own.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Righty ho. I would like you to choose 10 words. These could involve objects, feelings, verbs, planets, weather, words that you just like! 
write them either in a list or on individual pieces of paper 📝. Once they are all written down, can you place them into alphabetical order? If you need to write your alphabet out in front of you to help.


Today we are going to be looking at the SPaG element that is called ‘Expanded noun phrases’. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that you will grasp this concept with ease, what I really need you to try to do is get to grips with what it is called and store that in your memory banks. Repeat it over and over, use different voices, use different volumes. Just try to get it to stay in your brain.

Monday 4th May 2020

To get us started this week, we are going to use nouns and verbs to help get are imaginations powered up.  The sillier the sentences the better. Have fun!


Create a list of nouns (engine, ruler, pencil, tree). Then make a list of verbs (sipped, stole, rushed, wished). The game is to invent sentences that include a noun and a verb from the lists. This can be fun if the nouns and verbs do not match in any sensible way.

The engine sipped...The ruler stole...The pencil rushed...The tree wished...

Now complete the sentences preferably choosing unusual ideas, e.g. 

The engine sipped from a cup of silences.The ruler stole a tongue of ideas. The pencil rushed down the stairs and into the garden. The tree wished it could turn over a new leaf.


We are continuing with the SPaG theme of wok, we are going to look at ‘inverted commas’, speech marks in everyday terms. Follow the link and watch the videos to explain how you use them. If you don’t have the ability to print the sheets off at home, why not make your own conversation up between 2 characters of your choice. They could be from your favourite book, cartoon or film.