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Sometimes thinking positively can be quite hard to do, especially if you are worried , if you are not sure what might happen in the future, if you struggle with something or if something sad has happened. This week I'd like you to really think about all the positive things that happen in your life. It might be something  small like your mum or dad giving you an extra cuddle or being allowed to stay up late. It might be something bigger like finally mastering your 8 times tables or helping to decorate your bedroom. Have a think and try to find something positive each day and fill in the Positive Thoughts Diary. You could also design a positive thinking cap with colourful messages about thinking positively. 


Have a go at these two simple but fun activities from This is PE. My son and I have certainly enjoyed these ones, although he is much than me so I will have to get practisingwink.


This week have a look at the artist Salvador Dali. Watch the video clip about surrealism, then have a look at some examples of Dali's work. Have a go at answering the questions about one example of his work. You could then have a go at creating your own surreal piece of art. 

Topic Anglo-Saxons

Become a historian this week by looking at Anglo-Saxon artefacts. Read through the presentation about digging up the past and then you could answer the historian questions and/or have a go at drawing and labelling one of the artefacts. There is an additional  sheet with and explanation of each artefact so you check your thinking. 



Below is a Word Processing Skills check list. These skills will be really useful when you are completing your school work on the computer.


Open a Word document and try to complete each skill. Ask someone at home to help you if you are not sure how to do them. You could then use your new skills to create an interesting document about something new you’d like to learn about e.g. a famous scientist, an author or artist you like, or perhaps a computer game!laugh