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As always have a go at Joe Wicks' daily workout or why not try learning a dance from GoNoodle

#ThisIsPE - Horizontal climbing-

I know how much you all love playing Twister during wet play times and this is a PE version of the game. Give it a go!! Have Fun!!


Respect is one of our Golden Principles at Hopton. Discuss with your family members what respect means. Then think and write about the things you say and the actions you take which show respect. Have a go at designing some respect badges with simple messages about respect on them.  There is a template and ideas below. 


Have a go at drawing a face. Follow the step by step instructions below, making sure you follow them carefully so that you get the proportions of the face correct.  We would love to see some of your finished faces on ClassDojo. 

Topic -Anglo-Saxons

Village Life. 

Have a look at the lesson presentation about village life. Why and how was it different from the Romans and from how how we live today? What types of jobs did people do? You then have a choice of activity, you can find out more about a particular Anglo-Saxon job and create a poster to advertise for that job or you can design your own village. There are templates for you to use if you wish or you can use your imagination and create it, how you wish. 



Develop your word processing skills by completing the task below. Its all about colour and links to our science topic.