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 Try to compose a poem that details the qualities and behaviours that you believe the perfect person
should possess. Use the template if you wish and look at some the verbs and quantities vocabulary you could use to help.

D.T- Build a house.

If we had been in school we would have been having a go at building an Anglo-Saxon House. We would have been using hundreds of lollipop sticks, corrugated card and lots of glue. However we realise that you might not have those things at home so instead using whatever old boxes, card, paper you have in the house can you create a house type structure. It doesn't need to be like an Anglo- Saxon house but needs to look like some sort of house/building. Think about the proportions of the house e.g size of doors, windows compared to the whole building. Think about using folding techniques rather than just cutting. Do you have lego people or other toys that could live in your house? Look at the pictures to try and get some inspiration. 


Jumping Combinations. Follow the video, you don't need much space or special equipment. Once you've had a go at these why not create some of your own combinations. 

#ThisIsPE - Jumping combinations



Choose a coding activity from one of the following websites:



In the first week of lockdown I asked you to create a picture of Guru Nanak and explain why he is important to Sikhs.


This week I'd like you to answer this question- Why is the Golden Temple at Amritsar important to Sikhs? 

I'd like you to have a look at pictures, facts or even a virtual tour on the internet and see what you can find out.

You can then share your findings in any way you choose. Here are some suggestions:

 -A PowerPoint presentation

- A fact file with words and pictures on A4 paper

- A silhouette picture or painting of the temple surrounded by key facts.






If you would like to learn some new French vocabulary, I've included some weblinks for a variety of French songs

Topic- Anglo-Saxons

Read through the lesson presentation and then see if you can match the place name with the meaning. Can you think of or find ( using the internet) places in Britain with Anglo-Saxon names.