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PSHE - Week 3 

Think about what makes you, you!! What is your personality, your hobbies, your likes, dislikes, religion, talents and skills? Create a coat of arms to show who you are. Look at the ideas on the sheet. Use the template, draw it on a piece of paper or in your book. 

PE-Week 3 

Watch the video clip about developing tennis type skills then have a go yourself. Try to do it outside if you can or if you do it inside make sure you move valuable items out of the way. We don't want any breakages!!!

You could also have a go at this tennis themed GoNoodle (we’ve done other GoNoodles in school) to keep you active. 

History- Anglo-Saxons - Week 3

Read through the information about the Anglo-Saxon and Scot invaders ( or ask an adult/older sibling to read it with you). Once you have read it complete the sentences about the information you have learnt and see if you can remember the names of the seven kingdoms.  When you are completing the sentences cover up the words in the boxes and see if you can do it without using them, if you can't don't worry just make sure you get them in the correct place. Remember you can use the worksheet or you can write/draw these out in the book you brought home. 

Design Technology-Anglo-Saxon Houses- Week 3 

See if you can label all the different parts of the Anglo-Saxon House and then have a go at drawing a design yourself. 

Music- Week 3 

Follow the link below and have a go at Week 5 - Wake up Shake up ( you know it from assemblies). Once you've sung that you could listen to some of the other songs in Week 5. The song for Wednesday (This is me)fits in with the work in PSHE  this week. The song on Friday is very challenging but I'm sure lots of fun!!!

Computing Week 3


Check out the website below to find lots of different coding tutorials.

There are lots to choose from, from beginners to comfortable, and are self-led so hopefully will be easy enough to follow.