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Power of Kindness -PSHE 

Sometimes things can feel uncertain and can be overwhelming, however, during these times small acts of kindness can make a huge difference.

The British Red Cross have created an acts of kindness calendar, 5 acts of kindness booklet and some supporting activities to do with children. 

Why not have a go, thinking how you can be kind to your family members and friends. 


PE - Joe Wicks Daily Workout

Remember to follow Joe in his daily PE lesson on his Youtube channel. 


PSHE Week 2

It  is important to feel proud about the things you are good at and being accepting and realistic about the things you find more difficult. 

Ask an adult to ask you the following questions. You could record your answers in writing or film it on a phone or tablet so you can watch it back.

What things have you done over the last few weeks that you can be proud of?

What went well about it?

What did you do that helped it to be successful?


History Week 2 

New Topic - The Anglo-Saxons

Watch the following short video clip introducing the Anglo -Saxons. Think about what you would like to learn about Anglo-Saxons. Write some questions you would like answering about this period of time. 

Easter Themed Activities (Mrs Battye)


Here is a selection of maths, science (in Easter activity ideas pdf) and craft activities for you to have a go at, all with an Easter theme in mind. 

Let us know how you are getting on by messaging on Class Dojo. Pictures of any work is great too. yes