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Create a Wordle all about you for Miss Smith or Miss Johnson, your teachers for next year. 

Can you remember what a Wordle is? We created one in school as a class about the Polar Regions.  A Wordle is a visual depiction or cloud of words all about a specific subject. 

To create your Wordle go to and create an account. Then type in the words all about you, starting with your name, you could include your hobbies, friends, pets, likes dislikes, favourite books and football team. You can then experiment with the font, shape and size of the piece of art.

You can the send it on Classdojo to Miss Henderson and I will send them on to your new teacher or you can print them and bring them to school in September. You won't be able to download them unless you pay ( which we don't want you to do). If you ask your mum or dad they can email it to themselves and then download it. 



Last week you looked at the physical and human features of the local area. This week can you draw a map of your local area. Try to include some of the features of the area, e.g. places of worship, supermarkets, rivers, different types of roads.