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Do all animals see in colour?

Birds, fish and many other mammals perceive the full spectrum. Some insects, especially bees, can see ultraviolet colours invisible to the human eye. In fact, colour camouflage, one of nature's favourite survival mechanisms, depends on the ability of the predator to distinguish colours.


Look at the PowerPoint below to find out more about how animals camouflage.


If some animals/creatures benefit from being camouflaged, then why are there some which are brightly coloured? Research to find out why on the internet and send me your answers on classdojo.


Have a go a the arty activity below to create a beautiful beast.


British Values - Makaton

Can you remember these classroom signs that we learnt. Refresh your mind with this video, you only need to watch the first few minutes. We would love to see you using them when you return to school. Can you remember why Makaton is used?

Useful Class Makaton Signs

DT-Recycle Bins

Look back to last weeks activities. Have you managed to do some research? Have you created a design? Perhaps you have started building your bin. If so we would love to see some photos on classdojo. 


Why not follow this lesson link from BBC Bitesize. You did something similar earlier in the year with Mrs Battye and I have been trying it with a Keyworker class. If you like music this is all about creating a pulse and rhythm using your body as percussion and your voice in different ways.