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Week 1 Geography. 

Last week in school we looked at the explorer Robert F. Scott and his expeditions to Antarctica. Re-cap on what we learnt by reading the information we looked at.  Using the activity sheets,  try to order the events of the expedition. You could then decide if the statements are bad planning or bad luck. 

(Don't worry if you don't have a printer, you could write out your answers in your exercise book or you could talk about the answers with an adult at home.)


Week 1 Art

As we have been writing information text about polar animals and have been learning about the polar regions in Geography, if we had been in school we would have had a go at drawing different polar animals to go with the writing we have done. 

Have a go at following the video of how to draw a polar bear. Don't worry about having a black marker pen or the colours, just use a pencil and your exercise book. ( Try not to giggle as much as the boy in the videocheeky)

Monday- Science

Our topic in Science this half term is food, skeletons and muscles. The first home learning task is all about healthy eating. Each home learning document will explain what to do and provide web links to assist you. Be creative and complete each activity in your own way. smiley

Science task sheet

Monday- French

Recently in French the children have being learning how to talk about hobbies in French.

I am including a PDF presentation which reminds the children of all the hobbies we have looked at so far and how to say which they like, don't like, love and hate. Unfortunately I cannot include the sound clips but the children could use google translate to listen to these phrases in French. There is a small task sheet to complete and a warm up clip on French numbers. Have fun speaking French!laugh

Monday- Music

Have a go at completing the different activities on the task sheet.

Why not download a keyboard app and have a go at creating your own music!

Tuesday- Computing

Download the computer program Scratch 2.0 using the link below.

Create your own game using the Scratch program. Firstly, plan your game on the planning sheet, then follow the steps on the mini game lesson plan to create your game. Have fun showing someone at home how to play. laugh

Useful computing website

The following website has lots of other types of coding activities to try out. Have fun giving them a go!smiley

Tuesday- RE


In this new topic we will be learning about different aspects of Sikhism.

Use the web links below to begin our topic by learning about Sikhism and Guru Nanak.




Draw, paint or use craft materials to create a picture of Guru Nanak.. Add captions  around him to explain who he is and why he is important to Sikhs. Use the internet to research further if you need to.

Week 1 Personal, Social, Health Education

Why not spread a positive message of hope by painting, colouring or crafting a rainbow picture. You should then stick it in your window so that when others pass by it makes them smile and shows that we will get through this together. 



Week 1 PE

Watch Joe Wicks daily workout on Youtube. It starts at 9am Monday to Friday. You just need yourself and a bottle of water.  Enjoy!!