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Other - Saturn (Week 2 - 30.03)

Friday 3rd April 2020

If we had been at school today, I would have had a crafty Easter lesson for you, so you could have taken something home to decorate your house in preparation for the Easter holidays.

So that is what I would like you to do at home instead. I am aware that we will not have the same equipment or resources at home as we would at school or even with each other in our homes. So am I leaving the crafting decision to you. I have included a sheet of ideas that could be possibilities, but there are hundreds of ideas on line. You could even get in the kitchen and so some baking, Easter cookie, hot cross buns, rice krispie/cornflake chocolate nests with mini eggs inside.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Right back to the topic work we started last week. 

Last week I asked you to find out about Huddersfield, this week I would like you to choose a different country to focus on. The country could be somewhere you have been on holiday that you really enjoyed, or somewhere you would love to go and visit, or somewhere you think is totally different from England and you are curious about.

Areas that you could think about: what is the landscape of the country like? Is it very built up? Does it have lots of green spaces and countryside? Does it have a hot/cold/temperate climate? Is it sandy and dry or does it have rainy seasons? Is is flat or hilly? Does it have parks, sports centres, shopping centres? Is there a particular job/profession that they are well known for? What transport links do they have? Do they have any famous landmarks? Any any other areas you can think of, your imaginations are a lot better than mine.

In your book that was sent home, can you produce a little fact sheet with your information on. Remember to include a title, that stands out, so make it colourful or in bubble lettering. Remember to include sub-heading to tell the reader what they can expect to find in that section.

Remember you to write in full sentences and extend them where you can with detail, and lastly include pictures, whether you have the ability to print them off from the computer or if you don't you could simply sketch them. 

Once you have done this, think about the differences and similarities between Huddersfield and your country.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

No work today!!!! April fool, of course there is.

I want you to think about you! What is good about you? What qualities do you have that make you, you. As we are all special and unique, we will all have different things that make us, us. 

If I was thinking about myself, I would say some of my qualities are being kind, hard-working, thoughtful, gentle, funny, considerate, creative. Go through the pdf that I have uploaded. Have a really good think about a quality you possess that you could take a photo of and then you can show me by placing it onto Class Dojo.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

We are going to get crafty today. Whilst searching the internet for ideas to give you, I came across this one that I thought would let your imaginations go wild. Using a plastic bottle of your choice, can you give it some artistic flair and redesign it into something different, whether it be a pen holder, a plant pot or even a game.

I have included a sheet with ideas on it, but I'm sure yours will be even better. I would love to see piccies of what you came up with using Class Dojo.

If you still want to search for ideas just type into google, plastic bottle creations for kids and plenty will come up. Or use one of my favourite sites for inspiration of Pinterest.


Monday 30th March 2020

It's time to active again this morning and get you energised for the week ahead. Joe Wicks not only has videos that he has pre-recorded but he also (if you weren't already aware) goes live every morning on his You Tube channel. The time for this is 9:00am, so get your PE kits out and get your water bottle to hand so you can keep hydrated.

Remember it is important to stretch your muscles to keep them safe and for you not to hurt yourself. Can you remember the stretches that we do together, can you teach them to someone else in the house and make sure that you don't forget the 'wibbly wobbly' shake out at the end.

If you can't do the 'live' workout, try a different exercise video on his You Tube channel.