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MERCURY CLASS - Science & Foundation Subjects

Week beginning 13.07.20 - Final week!!

Well we've all made it children (and your fantastic parents)!

For this week I've found & amended some nice PSHE activities for leaving Year 3 and preparing for Year 4. Please do take a look, I think they'll help you to feel positive about yourself during the school holiday and to allay any worries you might have about your new class in September.  

Today I was trying to stay positive as Team Hopton cycled 36 miles up lots of big hills. I almost gave up but persevered. It was hard going up but lots of fun on the way down! I'm hoping that we're ready enough for our 100 mile charity bike ride next Saturday??

I've also posted some inspiration for fingerprint art. Try creating your own characters by painting your thumb or finger then pressing onto paper, before adding details using pen. If you don't have any paint, maybe try beetroot juice, coffee paste or your mum's lipstick! 

Thank you for all your hard work this year and I wish you a lovely summer holiday with your family and friends.

Take care, 

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 06.07.20


Week beginning 29.06.20

Hi children!

Here are some PE, History & French activities for you to choose from this week. Just concentrate on Chapter 1 of the Stone Age story for now, but feel free to read more if you like.

My PE this week is practising cycling for Mr Blakeley's 100 mile bike ride to raise money for school - I must be mad!!!

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 22.06.20

Hello children

I do hope you're managing to keep your spirits up during these tricky times. It's certainly challenging and I can't wait for September when school is hopefully back to 'normal' ish.

For this week I have included some Mindfulness activities that I've made or found to help you with your learning and also to chill out, and some funky online PE dance workouts with the fabulous Blazer Fresh crew. 

There are four more weeks until the summer holiday, so keep on keeping on... 

Thank you, you're doing great!

Mrs Land xx


Weeks beginning 08.06.20 & 15.06.20 - Science, Geography & French

Hello children,

Our weather’s been rather changeable recently, so to keep you going for the next two weeks I've uploaded some tasks that all have a weather theme. Fingers crossed for the sun to return soon!

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 01.06.20

Please visit the Espresso website pages below and enter these details to log in:

Username: student31284

Password: hopton


Science: Light & Shadows

History: Stone Age to Iron Age. 

Computer Coding: Lesson 3a, Lesson 2 ‘Space Travel’

Thank you

Mrs Land x


Mon 25th - Fri 29th May - Half term hol History

Happy half term holiday, Mercurians! 

Don't know about you but I can hardly remember what month it is, never mind what day it is...

If you'd like a bit more Stone Age history info this holiday week, I've put the BBC Bitesize link to the lesson on Stonehenge, and also a Twinkl information pdf. Stonehenge is an amazing structure in Wiltshire, built 5,000 years ago in the late Stone Age. I think I visited when I was about 3 years old (many many years ago!). 👵 

Happy Learning!

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 21st May - Science

Hello Y3!

Hope you didn’t wilt in the sun yesterday? Did you manage to make any shadow puppets? I helped some children to make puppets in school yesterday and their shapes made fabulous shadows on the playground floor!  We had fun acting out a few scenarios. Thank you also to the pupil who showed me his home-made shadow puppet theatre - it worked!

Today I’ve attached some shadows photos for you to observe how shadows start at the base of an object that’s positioned on the floor. Shadows form opposite the sun’s position in the sky.

Then try the Draw the Shadows worksheet. Check your drawings using the answer sheet.  Clue: The lower the sun is in the sky, the longer the shadow will be!

* Remember to never look directly at the sun! *

Thank you and enjoy your day,

Mrs Land xx


Tuesday 19th May & Wednesday 20th May - Science/D&T

Good morning Mercury scientists! 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 

Let’s get back to some science again. Tomorrow is forecast to be very warm and sunny, so I thought you could have some fun with shadow puppets outside if you're still feeling creative!

Take a look at the attached Light and Shadow facts pdf to remind yourself about opaque, translucent and transparent materials and which ones make the darkest shadows.

Then watch the BBC clip below about shadow puppets.

Why don’t you have a go at making some shadow puppets of your own today, then tomorrow you can make up a short puppet story, dance or song for your family to watch?

You could use cereal box card to draw and cut out your character shapes, then stick them to a lolly stick/chopstick/spoon etc. Try hanging a white sheet over a clothes hanger to create a screen, either indoors using a strong torch or lamp as a light source, or outdoors using the sun.

Alternatively I've attached some instructions for making a puppet theatre from a box.

It might take a few goes to position yourself correctly and you might need someone to help hold things, but try to have a go! 😎 

Good luck!

Mrs Land xx


Friday 15th May - History/Art

Good morning!

Did you manage to do some frottage rubbings for art yesterday? Don't know if you've seen mine and my son's efforts on ClassDojo? We had fun collecting the items to use for their surface textures, although we had a lot of tidying to do afterwards!

Today, if you are able to print it out, there's a woolly mammoth small task and a fact sheet about mammoths.

Alternatively you could have a go at drawing a mammoth.

Enjoy the weekend. (Don't let your parents work you too hard!)

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 14th May - Art

Hello children, let’s do some art today, as it’s one of my favourite subjects!

Oak National Academy have posted a fabulous art lesson for Y3 this week. On the video, the lovely teacher shows us how to create ‘frottage’, an art technique involving making rubbings from uneven surfaces to show texture.

All you need is a piece of paper, pencils/pencil crayons/wax crayons and some interestingly textured items from around your house.


Follow the link then click on ‘Start Lesson’.


I would love to see your finished frottage pieces on our Class Dojo portfolio page, I might have a go myself!



Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 13th May - History

Hi children, I think learning about life in the Stone Age is fascinating, so hopefully you will too!

Today, please watch the BBC Bitesize video clip (see below). If your device has Flash Player installed, you can also view the interactive picture about Grey Otter, a Stone Age boy.

Then I would like you to have a go at the reading comprehension activity that I’ve attached below.

The worksheets are starred */**/*** (one star = easier, two stars = medium, three stars = harder) so please choose the most suitable one for you. (NB, the one-star sheet Q.2 answer is incorrect 😩).

Happy learning!

Mrs Land


Monday 11th May - History

Hello Mercurians!

At school we would now be learning about Stone Age Britain, so this week we are going to zoom back in time thousands of years to start learning about what life was like in prehistoric Britain.

Please visit the BBC Bitesize lesson link below, which includes two videos and two activities.


Mrs Land xx


Thursday 7th May - V.E. Day Activities

Hello children!

Today marks 75 years since the official end of the Second World War in Europe in 1945.

Tomorrow, many people in Britain will commemorate V.E. Day (Victory in Europe), as they did on May 8th 1945. You might well be doing some celebrating - at a safe distance of course! - with your neighbours tomorrow?

In preparation for this I’ve included some VE day information and activities for History/British Values.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday, just as May 8th was in 1945, so enjoy your day in this fabulous British sunshine, and have a lovely weekend with your family.

PS I’ve also included a famous song by Vera Lynn, which brought a tear to my eye as I was thinking of my little Year 3 class!

We’ll meet again…

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 6th May - Geography

Good day to you.

Hope you got chance to look at the Barcelona information yesterday. Today I would like you to compare Barcelona to Huddersfield using my fact file worksheet attached below.

With help from an adult or an older brother/sister, search for answers using the internet, or ask someone in your house who might already know.

There’s also a website link to Barcelona places of interest for families with children. Read about each attraction then decide which would be your top three to visit. Mine would have to be the chocolate museum, Plom art gallery and the amusement park.

Happy travels!

Mrs Land xx


Tuesday 5th May 2020

Let’s get back to some geography for a change, it’s a while since we looked at Spain.

Today we’re going to zoom in on Barcelona, have you ever been?

Take a look at the attached pdf (portable document format!) file about Milly & Billy in Barcelona. Then look at the Barcelona photos  and have a go at finding some information about the places in the photos using the internet. 

Tomorrow I’ll put a worksheet on for you to compare Barcelona to Huddersfield.

Thank you.

Mrs Land xx


Friday 1st May - Computer Coding

Hi Mercury,

Hope you managed to get a bit of coding done yesterday? I found that on the school ipad the Espresso page kept flashing on and off, but it was fine on my laptop and Fire tablet, not sure why...

If it works ok on your device, please visit Espresso Coding via the link below.

Username: student31284  Password: hopton

This should take you to Espresso Coding Unit 3a ‘Sequence and Animation’.

Choose Lesson 1 ‘Alien Sequences’.  Start at Step 1 and go through as many steps as you wish to.

Thank you,

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 30th April - Computer Coding

Good morning children.

Mrs Little didn't get chance to start the Coding unit of work with you in her computing lessons, but Mr Asbery tells me you did lots of the Year 2 coding units with him last year.

Below is a link for you to access Espresso Coding from home.

Click on the link then type in this username: student31284 and password: hopton (keep this to yourselves!).

Choose Year 3 Starter Unit - Lessons 1 to 3 as a refresher.

Any problems, please let me know via Class Dojo.

Thank you and happy coding!

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 29thApril - Music

Good morning, hope you had some fun playing tunes yesterday?

Following on from that, please visit Twinkl Go! again and have a go at identifying some musical instruments (see the link below).

You’ll need to enter this PIN: XV4197 to access the Powerpoint activity, which would be best viewed on a desktop/laptop screen.


I’ve spent a while looking for a good musical keyboard website or an app for you to build up some musical keyboard skills. Finding apps which are free, simple to use, good quality and don’t have lots of pop-ups/adverts is not an easy task!  However, after researching I’ve found and installed ‘PianoMaestro by Joytunes free app on my tablet and it seems to work well. If your parents opt to download it for you, you could follow the instructions below:

Start by clicking on Journey, followed by Tutorial. After listening to the man explain things, the steps build up gradually by asking you to complete the basics.

Please note, American-English terms are used in the app. therefore when it says Quarters we would say ‘crochets’. When it says Half notes, we call them ‘minims’.

Good luck with hitting the right notes at the right time! Be patient and concentrate. 

Mrs Land xx


Tuesday 28th April - Music

Goooood moornnning!

Today I would like you to try the following:

Visit Twinkl Go! by clicking on the link below and enter this special PIN: RB7826.

This should give you free access to Twinkl’s Virtual Piano Game. On the top left, choose a tune to listen to and press play, following the notes on the keys. Then click on the (teacher’s mortar board) hat and learn how to play the tune.

I’ve also put some Christmas tunes on there too, if you’re not superstitious!

After that, you can use the keyboard freely to compose your own tune.

Happy playing!

Mrs Land xx  


Monday 27th April

Music for a change today.

I've found a jazz song for you to learn on BBC Bitesize.

Click on the link below to find out more!


Mrs Land


Friday 24th April - Science

Hello, Friday already! 

Hope you did ok with your block graphs/bar charts yesterday? 

I would love you to share some of your work on our Class Dojo portfolio! 

As it's forecast to be warm and sunny again today and tomorrow, why don't we use the weather to our advantage again and see what shadows are created from opaque, translucent and transparent objects?

Take a look at the powerpoint slideshow below and see which different shadows you can produce.
NB, PowerPoint presentations are best viewed on a desktop/laptop screen. Click on 'Slide Show' on the top brown bar, then play 'From Beginning' to view it in full. On a tablet they don’t work well as a slideshow, and I’ve realised the fonts are different too so some letters & numbers have moved around, sorry.

Have a lovely weekend with your family.

Take care (and remember that suncream).

Mrs Land xx


Mrs Land's cool bottle shadows!


Thursday 23rd April - Science

Hello again young Scientists!

Hopefully yesterday you will have had chance to investigate shadows.  Today's science lesson involves turning your data into a block graph. If you want to produce a clear bar chart instead (without the blocks) I would be mightily impressed.


I have attached a slide show about block graphs to help you.

Thank you scientists!

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 22nd April - Science

Good morning everyone.

Our science learning this half term would have been Light & Shadows, one of my favourite topics!

As it’s going to be sunny again today I thought it best to do some outdoor shadows work while we can.

Please watch the short video clips first (below).


Then, use the attached Moving Shadows Instructions sheet to do a fun investigation outside.  Record your results on the Moving Shadows Results sheet.

Thank you scientists!

Mrs Land xx



Tuesday 21st April

Today our queen, Elizabeth II (the second) is 94 years old! That's even older than my grandma. 

I have attached a powerpoint slide presentation for you to learn some impressive facts about this incredible lady. Depending on the device you view it on, the font style might change. 

There's also a sheet for you to design your own cake for her, or alternatively you could draw your cake straight into your Home Learning book.

Thank you,

Mrs Land xx



Friday 3rd April

Design & Technology

Over this 2-week holiday if you're stuck for ideas why not design and make a Spring or Easter-themed crown or hat for a member of your family (or yourself)?

Think about what sort of design your person would like - or ask them -then draw your design in your Home Learning book. 

Measure their head like we did for our teddy hats, then try to make the right size crown/hat using card, paper or fabric. You could even use an old hat as a base and customize it, if you ask the owner first of course.

Add colours decoration to make it look attractive.

We would love to see your finished hat being worn by the person it was designed for! Pop a photo on our ClassDojo Year 3 page.


Thank you, and don't eat too much chocolate next Sunday!

Mrs Land xx



Thursday 2nd April 2020

April already children, can you believe it?

I would like you to have a go at touch typing today to develop your keyboard skills. Follow the link below for Dance Mat Typing (needs sound on). Start at Level 1.

I'm pretty sure this will work on both a regular desktop/laptop computer keyboard and a tablet keypad too but will check v. soon. * Update: unfortunately it will only work with an actual keyboard but I’ll look for something that will work on a tablet *

Happy tapping!

Mrs Land xx



Wednesday 1st April 2020

Your art task for today is to draw some cool pictures on your adventure story front and back covers to make potential readers really want to buy your book!  (Linked to English task for today.)

Thank you,

Mrs Land


Tuesday 31st March 2020

I was looking at the photos with your teddies on that I took on our last day together in order to write your school reports.  Mrs Little, Mrs Russell, Mrs Hammonds and I are missing you all! 

In geography we had started to compare Spain to the UK, do you remember sorting the picture and sentence cards at your tables?

I have attached a PDF below called ‘Spain and UK’. On it is some fantastic information about both countries. Please start at slide 4 and read up to slide 15, all about Spain.

(If you click on ‘View’ then ‘Full Screen Mode’ it will give you a larger picture.)

In your Home Learning book, depending on your ability and the time you have today, I would like you to write either six, nine or twelve interesting facts about Spain. You could illustrate these too if you wish. 

If you would like to show your work on our new Class Dojo site, that would be lovely to see!

Thank you, Mrs Land.


Monday 30th March 2020

Here is our favourite French months of the year ditty. Aim to pronounce each month in a very French way and get your parents to sing along!

Friday 27th March
Science Learning Objectives:

Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their simple physical properties.

Record findings using simple scientific language and tables.

Dear children

You have already begun to investigate rocks in science lessons at school with Mrs Little.

From your garden or when out taking exercise, I would like you to collect six different rock samples. Try to collect similar sized stones or pebbles that look different from each other. 

What colour are they? How heavy or light are they? What is their texture like? Do they crush easily or can you chip bits off? (Do this with an adult for safety).

Draw each 'rock' in your Home Learning book and write a short description of each one.

Could you then sum up your findings in a clear table, with headings such as colour, weight, texture & hardness? Number your samples 1-6 or A-F.


Thank you, and happy collecting in the sunshine!


Mrs Land


For 'other subjects' tasks on Mon 23rd - Wed 25th March, please see the ones in Y3 Saturn's folder.