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Other Subjects - Mercury

Friday 3rd April

Design & Technology

Over this 2-week holiday if you're stuck for ideas why not design and make a Spring or Easter-themed crown or hat for a member of your family (or yourself)?

Think about what sort of design your person would like - or ask them -then draw your design in your Home Learning book. 

Measure their head like we did for our teddy hats, then try to make the right size crown/hat using card, paper or fabric. You could even use an old hat as a base and customize it, if you ask the owner first of course.

Add colours decoration to make it look attractive.

We would love to see your finished hat being worn by the person it was designed for! Pop a photo on our ClassDojo Year 3 page.


Thank you, and don't eat too much chocolate next Sunday!

Mrs Land xx



Thursday 2nd April 2020

April already children, can you believe it?

I would like you to have a go at touch typing today to develop your keyboard skills. Follow the link below for Dance Mat Typing (needs sound on). Start at Level 1.

I'm pretty sure this will work on both a regular desktop/laptop computer keyboard and a tablet keypad too but will check v. soon. * Update: unfortunately it will only work with an actual keyboard but I’ll look for something that will work on a tablet *

Happy tapping!

Mrs Land xx



Wednesday 1st April 2020

Your art task for today is to draw some cool pictures on your adventure story front and back covers to make potential readers really want to buy your book!  (Linked to English task for today.)

Thank you,

Mrs Land


Tuesday 31st March 2020

I was looking at the photos with your teddies on that I took on our last day together in order to write your school reports.  Mrs Little, Mrs Russell, Mrs Hammonds and I are missing you all! 

In geography we had started to compare Spain to the UK, do you remember sorting the picture and sentence cards at your tables?

I have attached a PDF below called ‘Spain and UK’. On it is some fantastic information about both countries. Please start at slide 4 and read up to slide 15, all about Spain.

(If you click on ‘View’ then ‘Full Screen Mode’ it will give you a larger picture.)

In your Home Learning book, depending on your ability and the time you have today, I would like you to write either six, nine or twelve interesting facts about Spain. You could illustrate these too if you wish. 

If you would like to show your work on our new Class Dojo site, that would be lovely to see!

Thank you, Mrs Land.


Monday 30th March 2020

Here is our favourite French months of the year ditty. Aim to pronounce each month in a very French way and get your parents to sing along!

Friday 27th March
Science Learning Objectives:

Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their simple physical properties.

Record findings using simple scientific language and tables.

Dear children

You have already begun to investigate rocks in science lessons at school with Mrs Little.

From your garden or when out taking exercise, I would like you to collect six different rock samples. Try to collect similar sized stones or pebbles that look different from each other. 

What colour are they? How heavy or light are they? What is their texture like? Do they crush easily or can you chip bits off? (Do this with an adult for safety).

Draw each 'rock' in your Home Learning book and write a short description of each one.

Could you then sum up your findings in a clear table, with headings such as colour, weight, texture & hardness? Number your samples 1-6 or A-F.


Thank you, and happy collecting in the sunshine!


Mrs Land


For 'other subjects' tasks on Mon 23rd - Wed 25th March, please see the ones in Y3 Saturn's folder.