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Other creative activities

Anyone feeling creative? Tate gallery has a fantastic site full of art projects, games and online tools. You can even create your own masterpiece! If anyone can do a better art piece than mine (not hard I think? ) then email it to me and I'll put it up!


We're sure you will want to do some other creative activities during this time, so here are some that we have gathered together for you to try. We  will add some more as the weeks go on.  To begin with, remind yourself of the work of Henry Moore and see if you can draw your own shelter drawings in his style. If you have watercolours and wax crayons, try using these materials to develop a similar finish. This is what we would have been doing in school.


For those of you that wish to develop your art further, try comparing Henry Moore to a totally different artist and style. Read the two PowerPoints on surrealism and in particular the work of Salvador Dali and then have a go at drawing your own dream sequence in the style of Dali or one of the other artists from this movement. 

Henry Moore Shelter Drawings

Moore in Focus: Shelter Drawings (1940-43) Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

An short video discussing Henry Moore's shelter drawings.

Mindfulness colouring for some some downtime