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Other-Saturn (Week 1 - 23.03)

Friday 27th March 2020


We are going to go slightly cross curricular here. In Science we started to look and learn about different types of rocks. I have always found learning by song fun and interesting and the facts seem to stay with me easier. So I have been on You Tube and found songs that relate to rocks, have a listen to the ones that take your fancy. What facts have you learnt? Could you do a little more research on them and write down any facts that you find interesting.

Now to make it more cross curricular, I would love it if you could write your own song to help others learn about rocks. You could even add your own musical instruments. If you don't play an instrument yourself, why not make some of your own. Use pans turned upside down with wooden spoons to add like drums, use dried rice or pasta in a beaker with clingfilm held over the top as a shaker. Your body could even act as the musical instrument, you could clap, stamp, click your fingers, tap your knees, make sounds with your mouth.

Why don't you create some moves to go with it, ti make your performance WOW the audience.

Why don't you see if someone could record it for you, as they would be great to watch back with other members of your family.

Thursday 26th March 2020

How about some topic work to get your teeth into today. At the start of the half term we started to look at geographical features of England, whether they were natural or man-made to eventually think about comparing our country with that of another.

Well I want you to look a little closer to home. We are fortunate to live in a lovely part of England, Yorkshire, Huddersfield. Can you do a little research project for me. I would like to find out facts about Huddersfield so that in the near future you will be able to compare Huddersfield to a country of your choice.

Areas that you could think about: what is the landscape of Huddersfield like? Is it very built up? Does it have lots of green spaces and countryside? Is is flat or hilly? Does it have parks, sports centres, shopping centres? Is there a particular job/profession that Huddersfield is well known for? What transport links do we have? Any any other areas you can think of, your imaginations are a lot better than mine.

In your book that was sent home, can you produce a little fact sheet with your information on. Remember to include a title, that stands out, so make it colourful or in bubble lettering. Remember to include sub-heading to tell the reader what they can expect to find in that section.

Remember you to write in full sentences and extend them where you can with detail, and lastly include pictures, whether you have the ability to print them off from the computer or if you don't you could simply sketch them. 

Have fun discovering facts about where you are from.

Wednesday 25th March 2020


It is important at these uncertain times that we value ourselves and be proud to be the person that we are. So your other task for today is to think about what you are proud of. Whether it is a major achievement and you won a race, or scored a goal or it could simply be that you can now read a word that you really struggled with previously. Be loud and proud of yourself, because myself and Mrs Land think you are all superstars.

Tuesday 24th March 2020



Take a photo of an interesting object in your garden or your house and copy it in detail into your Home Learning book.

Then, if you've got the art bug and want to do more, why don't you gather several objects together to make a still life drawing? It could be the fruit bowl, a jug, a bottle, your favourite teddy etc. Arrange them in a way that you like, with some behind the other and at different angles, e.g. laying down, and then sketch them carefully. 

You could leave it as a tonal picture (black & white) or add colour.


You can make it as easy or as tricky as you want with the amount of items you choose.


We have uploaded a couple of videos for you to watch to give you guidance.

Still life examples

Monday 23rd March 2020


Seeing as today is meant to be Y3's PE slot, we would like you to get active at home, either in your living room or the garden!  Do you remember the Joe Wicks workouts out we did as part of Sports Relief? We have attached some links to a few of his routines.  Remember to stay hydrated!