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Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd May

The work you have been sending through via Class Dojo is amazing, keep it going! Have a go at creating some of the activities below.

Monday 18 May - Wednesday 20th May

Hello Year 5! As you probably know, this was the time we were due to go on our residential to Little Deer Wood.  So for the other section of our online learning, I 'll try and put some outdoor activities on here instead. Get outside, if you have a tent or can borrow on, put that up in the garden and imagine you are camping at Little Deer Wood. If you don't have a tent, use the link below to have a go at making an Ikea fort!


Do lots of outdoor games and activities this week, like we would have been doing at LDW. Even take a walk to the canal in Mirfield, that we would have been canoeing on! Have fun and get outside! 

  • Water balloon T-Ball games
  • Chalk obstacle course. All you need is chalk and some vision. ...
  • Hula hoop race & catch. ...
  • Sensory scavenger hunt. ...
  • Toy-made obstacle course. ...
  • Kitchen utensil bubble wands. ...
  • “Bake” mud pies and muffins.



Year 4 you can have a go at some of these activities if you would like. I will also post links from BBC Bitesize for you to complete if you would prefer.

Friday 15th May


Time to get creative. Pick one challenge from the attachment below and have a go at completing it. 

Thursday 14th May

Look at teamwork today. Follow the link and complete the activities.

Wednesday 13th May

Today I would like you to follow the link below and pick an activity to do. Lots of you sent me some lovely photos through Class Dojo of your work last time. These activities are different to the ones before.

Tuesday 12th May



Have a go at practising your coordination with ball skills. These videos have been made for you to do at home, so if you don't have a ball you could use a scrunched up piece of paper.

Monday 11th May



Today you will be learning about debugging and algorithms. Follow the link and complete the activities.

Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th May


 Does anyone know why the bank holiday has changed this month?


This Friday is the 75th Anniversary since the end of World War 2 in Europe. It was known as Victory in Europe Day (VE Day).


For the rest of the week I would like you to carry out more research into VE Day and complete some of the activities attached.

Tuesday 5th May


Try to learn some more French. Pick a topic and follow the videos. Practise your pronunciation and try your best!

Monday 4th May 



Follow the link below to learn about duration, tempo and Beethoven. Have a go at the activities below the videos.

Friday 1st May


This week I would like you to practise some still life drawings. I would like you to find 5  different objects in your house. These could be books, plates, vase, anything you can find that you would like to draw. Once you have done this, group them together. You then need to pick an angle you would like to draw from and sketch what you can see. We have done something similar in class so think back to that if you are unsure of what to do.

As I always say, just try your best! If you make a mistake and have to rub out, don't worry!

Thursday 30th April


 For PE this week I would like you to have a go at the following video. Follow the moves and try your best! I did this video with the children in school yesterday and really enjoyed it. Have fun! smiley

Wednesday 29th April



Today you are going to focus on the planets in our solar system.

Do you know them in order?

I use a mnemonic to help remember them.










Have a go at creating your own mnemonic.

Use the following fact cards to find out lots of interesting facts about the planets. Once you have done this, create a poster on the planet that you think is the best/most interesting. Include lots of information about the planet.




Tuesday 28th April


Time to learn about Rainforests. Use the following PowerPoint to learn all about the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that live there. Once you have done this, create your own rainforest animal thinking carefully about where in the rainforest it would live and what it would look like.

Monday 27th April

Mrs Jennings found an excellent website with lots of lovely activities to do. I would like you to pick one of these activities and have a go at completing it. You could then send your pictures on Class Dojo to show me your amazing work. I can't wait to see them!

Friday 24th April



Today you are going to remind yourself of what makes good teamwork. Use the following link and work through the videos and activities thinking about what your own strengths are.

Thursday 23rd April


Use the following link to learn about different aspects of singing such as pitch and melody. Have a go at some of the activities on BBC Bitesize.

Wednesday 22nd April


Today is Earth Day. It is celebrated each year to raise awareness of the environment and how we treat nature. Use the internet (if possible) to learn more about Earth Day. I have also attached some activities for you to complete.

Tuesday 21st April


Work through some of the videos and activities on BBC Bitesize to practise your French.

Monday 20th April 


This half term we will be looking at the Earth and Space. I would like you to create a mind map of everything you already know about the Earth and Space. This might consist of how many planets are in our solar system or how night and day are made. Write down any interesting facts you can think of.


Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd April 2020


Easter activities:

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Plan your own fitness workout like Joe Wicks. Try to add different exercises into your workout and remember to schedule in some rests. Once you have planned your workout, practise it.


Example workout:

30 seconds: Star jumps

20 seconds: Rest

30 seconds: Running on the spot

20 seconds: Rest

30 seconds: Squats

20 seconds: Rest


Try and make your workout last for 3-5 minutes.

Tuesday 31st March 2020



Next half term we will be looking at Rainforests. Write down anything you already know about this topic and at least 5 questions you would like to know the answers to. These may include:

What animals live there?

Where is the biggest Rainforest?

Does it always rain?


Try to think of your own.

Monday 30th March 2020


We are going to stick with the animal theme this week for Art. I would like you to use the link below to pick any animal that we haven't drawn yet and draw it in your exercise book or on a plain piece of paper. You can add colour once you have finished. Remember it is OK to make mistakes, just try your best!

Friday 27th March 2020



Create a rainbow to spread some fun. You could paint, colour or collage a rainbow. Once you have done this,  stick it in your window so that other people will be able to see it if they walk by. Let's spread a positive message!


Thursday 26th March 2020


Follow some of Joe Wicks workouts. He does a live workout every morning (Monday - Friday) at 9 o'clock on his Youtube channel or use some of the workout videos we have already done in school. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you and have fun!

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Science - Forces

I have tried to look for some easy (sorry parents) science experiments about forces you can recreate at home about forces. See how these ones go (if you don't have the equipment or its too dangerous just watch). See if you can find any more yourself, get outside and give them a try!


Try to write up the experiments you have seen, thinking about what happened and which forces were at work. 


Have fun!

Tuesday 24th March 2020



Today I would like you to learn some French. You will be learning about classroom objects. Use the PowerPoint presentation from Twinkl to help you and then complete the worksheet below. 

Monday 23rd March 2020




As previously explained, as part of our DT topic this year we will be making a moving mouth animal. Use the following link to help you draw a realistic tiger. Try your best and don't worry if you make any mistakes!