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Monday 6th July to Friday 17th July 2020


Here are some different activities to try over the next two weeks to take you to the end of the school year!


Music -


Design Technology -


Science -


Geography -


French -






RE -


Science -


PE - Try some PE with Joe on You Tube or search for Zumba kids and practice your dance moves!

Friday 22nd May


Have a go at some of the French lessons on BBC Bitesize today! Practise your language skills!


Thursday 21st May

Art - Painting, collage an print making

Have a go at this lesson and see what you can create!

Friday 15th May

Textile Treasure Hunt

Thought this lesson looked quite interesting for a friday! Show me your creations on Class Dojo! Enjoy!

Thursday 14th May


This is a lesson about the world, helping you to learn all about the world and how to use a globe and atlas. Have fun!


Wednesday 13th May


The importance of Team Work

Use this link to complete the lesson about team work.

Tuesday 12th May 


I had a go at this tutorial on Sunday and thought you'd enjoy it! There are different videos in the link to draw disney characters. I have attached my efforts! Send me yours on Class Dojo.

Miss Johnson's effort!

Monday 11th May


Today you will be learning about algorithms and debugging.

Thursday 7th May


Use the above link to learn about Duration, Tempo and Beethoven.

There is a video and 3 activities to try.


Wednesday 6th May 


As its a nice day today, try and make an assault course in your garden. Find what equipment you can to make up different activities at different points. Use your imagination, you could even write instructions for each station. See if you can teach members of your family the course!

Tuesday 5th May


Use the above link to have a go at using shading to create optical illusions! I look forward to seeing your creations on Class Dojo! I'll show Mr Blakeley when I'm in school on Thursday! He'll be impressed by how your drawing skills are developing ready for Friday afternoons I'm sure!

May the 4th be with you!

Star Wars Day!

Use today's lesson to do something Star Wars related! The wesbite below has some great craft ideas! Send me some pictures of your creation! The force is strong in you!

Friday 1st May



Today you are going to focus on the planets in our solar system.

Do you know them in order?

I use a mnemonic to help remember them.










Have a go at creating your own mnemonic to help you remember the planets order.


Research online to find out lots of interesting facts about the planets. Once you have done this, create a poster on the planet that you think is the best/most interesting. Include lots of information about the planet.

Tuesday 28th April


Time to learn about Rainforests. Use the following PowerPoint to learn all about the rainforests different layers and the animals that live there. Once you have done this, create your own rainforest animal thinking carefully about where in the rainforest it would live and what it would look like.


Monday 27th April

Mrs Jennings found an excellent website with lots of lovely activities to do. I would like you to pick one of these activities and have a go at completing it. You could then send your pictures on Class Dojo to show me your amazing work. I can't wait to see them!

Friday 24th April



Work through the activities and information on BBC Bitesize about singing with feelings. There are also three practice activities for you to try! Get your families involved! Have a friday sing-along!

Thursday 23rd April 

Today is St George's Day!

Try to find out as much as you can about St George and why we celebrate this day. You might remember some details from when we learnt about him in myths and legends. Display your information in a poster or powerpoint. There are some websites below for you to have a look at and some extra ideas for activities.


Tuesday 21st April 


Science - On the theme of space, something quite exciting happened in the sky last night, which links in with our topic. What can you find out about it? Use the internet to see what information you can find out about this event and collect it in a mind map or labelled drawing. 


I'll give you a clue..... Starlink!


Good luck!

Monday 20th April 



This half term we will be looking at the Earth and Space. I would like you to create a mind map of everything you already know about the Earth and Space. This might consist of how many planets are in our solar system or how night and day are made. Write down any interesting facts you can think of.


There is also a lesson on BBC Bitesize about Earth and Space you can work through.

Monday 23rd March


As part of our DT topic this year we will be making a moving mouth animal. Use the following link to help you draw a realistic tiger. Try your best and don't worry if you make any mistakes! Use colour as well to make your tiger look as realistic as possible!

Tuesday 24th March 


Let's get out of the house! (Not really)


Use the link below to access the website Freedom Homeschooling. 


Choose one of the field trips and take yourself on a field trip anywhere in the world. 

Make a list of things you can find out about your field trip and things you would like to find out. Use the internet to find out any additional information. 


Create a poster or leaflet about what you have learnt!


Have fun!



Have a go at learning some songs in French!


(Make sure you do the actions!)

Wednesday 25th March


Science - Forces

I have tried to look for some easy (sorry parents) science experiments about forces you can recreate at home about forces. See how these ones go (if you don't have the equipment or its too dangerous just watch). See if you can find any more yourself, get outside and give them a try!


Try to write up the experiments you have seen, thinking about what happened and which forces were at work. I will also add an experiment write up template for you to use. 


Have fun!



Thursday 26th March 




Today I would like you to have a go at some different online drawing lessons. I have added a link below so that you can give drawing a go. If you can find any other websites, give those a try too.

Friday 27th March



As a nice end to the week, your PSHCE work is to think about what makes you you! How are you unique?

Look at the powerpoint added and the resources (You don't need to print these, just use them for ideas) and do the activities about why you are unique!



Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April


For other subjects this week, I am going to list a selection of different activities for each subject you can do, then you can choose one each day. 

For the PE, you can try and do these as many times during the week as you can. I'm aiming to do Joe Wicks everyday this week! 




For PE try Joe Wicks daily workout on You Tube! Grace and I have been doing it every weekday and I did it in school with the children who were in last week! So no excuses. You don't need to do it at 9am, as its saved online, but it is a good start to the day!


There are also some online dance lessons with Oti Mabuse (From Strictly), she puts a lesson on daily so you can have a go at that!





Collect some different objects from your house, like a vase, statue, piece of fruit, ornament, lamp for example and arrange them in the centre of a table together. You can then have a go at drawing the still life collection from different angles with whatever resources you have at home. I will add some pictures to give you some ideas. 





To complete our work on the Maya, you could create a leaflet or powerpoint all qabout the Maya civilisation. Watch videos online, use research pages and facts you already know. Try to divide your ideas into different subheadings and use text and images for each one. I will add some useful websites for information.



Work through the French classes and activities on BBC Bitesize, practising the you pronunciation of the words. 


Design Technology


Following on from drawing your tiger earlier in the week, try to think of a way you could plan and design a moving mouth animal. Think about what could move on the mouth of the animal and how you could do that. For example, if I designed a tiger, I would make the jaw move with something that you turn to make the jaw move up and down. 


Try to design and label a plan to show which animal you would pick, what part of its head would move and how you think you could do that. Be as creative as you can!