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Messages for year 6 (please check daily)

Thursday 9th April


Morning guys,

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the weather safely? I know it must be so tempting to get out in that sunshine but it won't be forever. What have you been up to these last few days? I have been busy with school admin but I did find time to draw a picture of a horse i saw on holiday last year! 


Maybe you could do some drawings of places that you have been been, or things that you have seen? bring the world inside this Easter. 

Take care all of you

Mrs. Etheridge




Thursday 2nd April


Morning everyone! I hear some of you fell for my April Fool's prank. Don't worry, as far as I know SATs are still cancelled this year! It did look real though didn't it? wink

Well done if you had a go at the maths reasoning tests yesterday. I thought that after that we could do something light, so I have posted 2 maths games that you can play with your family. They are both fun ways to keep your maths skills up! Why don't you challenge your younger or older brothers or sisters?  You can even do these games with your friends via video link! 


I'm also in the process of putting up some Easter activities - things to do if you get bored. Remember - do what you can, try to keep some routine in your day and stay healthy mentally. 

I made chocolate chip cookies with my son yesterday to varying degrees of success. Let's say they improved with every new batch! It's amazing how many skills you can learn by doing something like this. (Like try cracking an egg OVER the mixing bowl so it doesn't run down the cupboards and onto the floor! Ahem....surprise)


Take care



Tuesday 31st March


Morning everyone,

For those of you who were asking, my new, ahem, 'teaching assistant' is called Malt! He is not a great co-worker - he is very demanding, noisy and likes to sleep on my keyboard! (I miss Mrs.Smith! laugh)


Let me know if any of you also have a furry co-worker! I know many of you have younger brothers and sisters. Have you thought about reading with them? It would be really good for both of you! I have just finished reading 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' (my favourite book) with my son. 


Did you know you can listen to David Walliams read his stories every day? Go to the following web site.


I have also put another good video up showing you how to draw a pie chart. I know some of you have found this difficult.


Finally, Lily and Daniel took up my challenge to do some Tate art (look in the art section) I thought these are both great! 

Take care everyone,


Mrs.Etheridge xx

Monday 30th March

Morning all.  Hope you are all ok and keeping safe at this very strange time.  I have added a few recommended books for anyone who is stuck for something to read.  One of them is a good read for transition from primary to secondary school. They are listed under literacy.  You can also listen to some stories read by David Walliams each day at eleven o'clock.  

Hope to see you all soon. Take care

Mrs L

Friday 27th March


Morning guys!


Did you know that we can visit Chester zoo today, all day! It is a virtual visit though! The good news is we will get to see all the animals and listen to the keepers' presentations from our own homes!

The virtual visit starts at 10.00am and is all day, so go along!

Mrs. Etheridge


Thursday 26th March,


Hi guys,

Hope you are all well and getting out into your gardens in this sunshine? Exciting news - we are all going to be able to speak to each other using Class Dojo soon. The school is just in the middle of setting it up so you should be getting invites to join soon. 


I hope some of you got to see the live lesson from the secret WW2 bunker in Liverpool yesterday? If you missed it, you can watch the recording. It was really good and worth watching. They are doing one on rationing next week so don't forget to watch that too. 


Thank you to everyone who has sent me their science results. It has been mainly Neptune class though. I would love to hear from your Nebulas too! We're all in this together!

Speak soon - I really miss you guys!

Mrs Etheridge


Tuesday 24th March 2020


Morning guys, 


Hope you are all well? The weather is lovely at the moment, so if you are having to stay at home because of lock down it might be an idea to do some of your learning outside. I was thinking about the science experiments that we were going to do. We were going to see the effects of different forms of exercise on the heart.  I will put up an outline of the experiment - you need to choose 3 different forms of exercise, such as star jumps, running on the spot, hopping, dancing, skipping and do each for about 3 minutes at a time. Ask your parents to help you find your pulse and record the difference in your heart rates before and after each type of exercise.  Email me to tell me which exercise raised your heart rate the most.  Remember to allow your heart rate to go back to resting between each exercise!


Take care all of you! It would be lovely to get an email from a few more of you!


Saturday 21st March


Hi everyone,


I heard that you all had fun yesterday making Mother's Day cards and going around getting your shirts signed. How strange for you to be doing it this early! Mrs.Watts tells me that she took photos of you as a year group, so when I am back at school I'll try to put some photos up for you so you can see them. I will also ask Mr. Blakeley if we can put some of the Derwent Water photos up too. 


I'm so sorry I missed your last day - I'm sure most of you felt very emotional. I felt sad knowing that it may have been your last day of primary school and I was stuck at home sad Just remember, although things are a little strange at the moment, it won't be like this forever.  A lot of people have been suggesting that we all start writing a diary about these events as a personal historical record for generations to come. Why not start one today? Other nice ideas include writing a letter to someone who is in isolation, such as an elderly relative or neighbour and offering to help your family at home in ways you can. You can even say hello to me at


Take care all of you!

Mrs. Etheridge

Wednesday 18th March


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our online learning page!

Firstly, just to reassure you, I am fine but having to work from home for a bit. I know some of you are having to do it too, so we need to share new ways of working!

It is going to be strange for you, having to work at home, but it is vital that you do continue to do this  so you enter high school at your correct level. After all, remember how far you have all come this year and how proud we are of you! Also, believe it or not, you would eventually get bored just playing all day! Just look at those happy faces! 


Each week we will be putting our literacy, numeracy, topic and science work on the website and encouraging you to visit at least once a day.

My work email is if you need to keep in touch.

I’m sure we are all hoping that this virus will pass by quickly, hopefully avoid many of us, and we’ll have some time together in summer before high school starts.  Things are changing so quickly though each day, so we have to be flexible.


Take care of yourselves and each other!