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Summer Term 2 

Hi everybody, so it is the final half term of Year 4. This half term in English and Maths we will be doing lots of consolidation of the things you learnt in school, so hopefully you will remember the learning and you will wizz through it. We are really missing teaching you all and are looking forward to getting school back to normal as soon as possible. 

Summer Term

Welcome back to half term 5, the first of our Summer terms. It feels very strange to be welcoming you all through a website rather than seeing all your lovely smiling faces in the class line in a morning. We hope you had a lovely Easter and you managed to do some of the things you enjoy - mostly eating chocolate in my house!! We have continued to put some learning activities in the the relevant week ( we are on week 3 of no-school lockdown), under the curriculum subjects. Please don't feel like you have to do everything that is on there, there are lots of activities and ideas to keep you going but we know it can be hard doing work at home when you are not in the routine of school.  We know that your parents will be working hard; doing their normal jobs, trying to organise you and your learning, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog/cat/rabbit/snake cheeky and everybody is trying their best. We really appreciate everything they are doing and understand how difficult it is. Remember as always try not to worry and always BE KIND!!!

Miss you all!!!

Miss Henderson and Mrs Battye (20.04.20)

Happy Easter

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!! Try to enjoy spending time with your family and relax a little. You have all worked hard this half term and life has certainly changed in last few weeks which will take a bit of getting used to!! As always, remember to be KIND!!! ( 04.04.20)


I've been busy setting up all the pupils in school with ClassDojo. Your parents should have received an email inviting them to join. ClassDojo is a way that we will be able to communicate with each other. If you are stuck with any of your home learning or have any questions then you or your parent can send me and Mrs Battye a message. We will try our best to answer it as quickly as possible. 

Miss Henderson. ( Thursday 26th March)


Missing you!!!

Hope you are all  OK and are managing to get some learning done at home. Please don't worry about getting every single thing completed that we post on the website. Your parents are a clever bunch of people and probably have lots of their own ideas and activities for you to do and learn from. Your parents may also be working from home so will be busy, so try and help out around the house a bit and remember they will be trying their best in difficult circumstances. 

Be kind to your family and be kind to yourself. 

Miss Henderson (24th March)