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Maths - Saturn (Week 2 - 30.03)

Friday 3rd April 2020

I'm going to make all the tasks for maths today have an Easter theme. To get your mathematical brains on, I have found an online number puzzle game. The game involves you working out the value that each different type of Easter egg holds and then using their values to work out the total of the last calculation in the set. If you need to, write down the values of the different eggs on a piece of paper to help you. There are various puzzles that you can keep trying once you have achieved the correct answer.

Have fun. 

I've got an Easter mystery for you to solve today. An Easter Egg hunt cannot take place as someone in the village has cut the Easter Bunny costume into pieces. Can you solve the mathematical problems to discover who the culprit is.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

You are going to need lots of strips of paper or post-it notes for this one.

You have played this one in class, it is the one where we have loads of times table questions pinned to the board and you race to take one at a time to answer them.

On each piece of paper, write 1 calculation that is in either the 2,3,4,5 or 20 times table. Try to write quite a few so the game will last a few minutes.

Place the questions at one end of the room, make sure there is nothing in the way (as we don't want any tripping hazards). You could do this on your own or get others to join in. 

When you are ready, you need to go a choose one question at a time go back to where you were and answer it. Once answered go up again, grab another and answer it. Repeat until all the questions have been answered.

If you are playing by yourself, time it to see how quick you can be. If you have someone to play with who can answer the most correctly.


Yesterday, you added different measurements together, well today, I would like you to subtract lengths. Like yesterday, go around your house and find various objects that you can measure. (If you don't have a ruler, estimate their lengths) Can you subtract the lengths so that you can find the difference between the 2 items. Remember the column subtraction method we used. Biggest number on the top, smaller underneath, remember to keep the columns in line with each other and neat. If you can't take the bottom number from the top, steal from the next column.

I have included a You Tube video of the subtraction method.

If you want to challenge yourself I have included a pdf that you can use to discuss or answer on paper.




Wednesday 1st April 2020

You have you no work to do today. Lol, April Fool. Only joking. I'm such a kidder .

To get you going I am going to write a number down and you have to think of as many calculations as you can that gives you that number as the answer: eg; 


2x10       10+10       60 divided by 3           46-26


Your number is


Off you go.


Get your addition skills at the ready. I would like you to add different lengths together today. I have included some pdf's to get you talking. There maybe some tricky questions where you have to convert the measurements so that they are all the same.

You could go around your house and gather up a couple of objects, measure them and add the lengths together. If you don't have a ruler, estimate what you think they could be and then add them together.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Righty ho, get your brains into gear, as you are going to need them for speed today. I would love you to play 'Flippy Floppy Fingers' with someone at home. 

Sit opposite your partner, whilst you say Flippy Floppy Fingers, raise your hands up and down. Once you have said this, you have to show each other an amount of fingers. You have to add up the total of your fingers and those of your partners. the first person to say the answer wins. Your fingers can represent 1's, 10's or if you want to challenge yourself try 100's.

On your marks, get set, go!


For your main task today we will continue where we left off with the measurement lessons. I would like to compare different measurements and say which is larger/smaller using your < (less than), > (greater than) and = (equals) symbols. Remember the rule of the crocodile mouth, it wants to eat the biggest amount because it is greedy.

Watch out there will be some tricky questions coming your way, you can do this, just remember to make the measurements the same:eg:

50mm  is it less/greater/equal to 6cm? Turn the mm into cm and then decide which is bigger.

The tougher questions will be towards the back of the paper, just do what you can and your best.


Monday 30th March 2020

It's time to get your air guitars at the ready because I would like you to log onto your Times Table Rockstar account. You can find your log on details stuck inside the front cover of the exercise book that you took home. Earn yourself lots of coins and add some fantastic details to your character.

If you fancy a change from TT Rockstars then, show someone at home the 'Hit the Button' game that we like to play in class. Why not challenge them to a game, set yourself an amount that you would like to answer correctly, play again, can you better it? 

Remember our focused times table this term is the 4 times table. Don't just go for the easier times tables. 

I have found a new times table online game that you can have a go at. It is called 'Coconut Multiples'. On the start screen you can choose the times table that you would like to work with. You will then get a range of coconuts appear that will have numbers on them, you have to throw a ball at the coconut that has a number in that times table on it. When you are happy that you have found them all, click done and another set of number will appear. Enjoy.