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Maths - Saturn (Summer Week 1-20.04.2020)

Friday 24th April 2020

Whilst I sit here and listen to the Trolls World Tour soundtrack, it's for Esmae, honest, I'm not a fan, she says giggling to herself. Love, love, love the film!heart

Right back to the point, I have found a little logical puzzle to get your brains into gear. It is about a poor froggy who has fallen down a well, let me hear an 'oooorrrrrr'. It may help you do draw the well and use an object to act as the frog as you try to escape from the well.

Frog in a well

I hope you managed to get him out.

Sorry to disappoint we we are not through with are friend 'fractions' just yet. We will be ordering them today, try to think about the comparing lesson that you completed yesterday, that should help.

Watch the video, you can print off the worksheet and start where you feel comfortable. If you want to make it slightly more practical, why not ask a grown-up or older sibling to write down some fractions and think about ordering them, either from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. You could use the fraction wall that I posted a few days ago to help look at the various sizes of the fractions.

It is lesson 4 of summer week 1.

Good luck, my shiny happy little people.


Thursday 23rd April 2020

Let's take advantage of the gorgeous weather for this little start that I have for you today ( knowing my luck because I am posting this a day ahead it will be raining lol laugh.)

You can either do this by bouncing or catching a ball or object. I want you to throw/bounce the ball and as you are doing so can you start to count in different steps forwards and backwards. So for example: You may decide to start at 12 and for every bounce/throw you count in 2's, or you may start at 75 and decide that you count backwards in 5's. What number can you get to? Do it a couple of times, always starting at different numbers and changing the steps you count in.


We are still looking at fraction, woop woop, (excited voice). Today though we are them and thinking about is this fraction smaller/bigger than that one, so the symbols for greater than > and less than < will be coming into play.

I always tell my gorgeous sunbeams that they are like the mouths of a crocodile and this crocodile is extremely greedy and he always wants to eat the higher amount/value.

Use lesson 3 on the summer term week 1 section.


Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Welcome to yet another exciting instalment from myself. Let's get our maths rocking. To warm up I have found you one of my little logical number puzzles to complete and solve. There are a number of different solutions to this, can you challenge yourself and find more than 1? I bet my bottom dollar, you can. Up for it, righty ho, here we go.

We are going to continue with the equivalent fractions theme today, I'm sure I can hear you all shouting and jumping for joy. lol laugh. We will use the same website as we did yesterday from the White Rose numeracy site. I have sent the link for the page again but can you please do the second lesson.

Remember if you complete the questions, the easier questions come first working up to the really tricky ones.

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning my shiny happy little people. Are we ready and up for today’s learning? Is that a yes I hear you cry 😂.

to get your brains to start thinking with numbers I would like you to continue to practice your 8 times table. On post-it notes or pieces of paper, write all the numbers in your 8 times table down, one number on one piece of paper. Place these around a room, house or garden ( a grown up could do this for you so you don’t know where they are). You have to go on an 8 times table hunt, try to find each number in order and bring them back to your adult. If you are confident ask your glamour out assistant to ask you a specific times table question that you have to go and find.

if we had been in the classroom we would have been continuing our fraction work ( I did warn you that it would be back), we are looking at equivalent fractions for the next few days. On the White Rose Maths website they are now producing mini videos for you to watch to help with your understanding and then complete the activity.

Remember fractions isn’t anything to be frightened of, it is only using our times tables in a particular way.

Fraction wall

Monday 20th April 2020

I hope you all had a different but lovely Easter holiday and you didn't eat too much chocolate. I thought that I would ease you back in today and give you a fun task to do.

This term we will be starting to learn our 8 times table, this is one of the trickier ones to try to learn but I have no doubt in my mind that we can do it. Start with the numbers that are the easiest to do: eg: 1 x 8, 2 x 8, 10 x 8 and eventually work your self up to the sticky tricky ones, like 7 x 8 and 8 x 8.

What I would love you to do, is to create a song that includes the answers to the 8 times table. Do you remember when we did this with our 4 times table and the tune of 'Uptown Funk', we found a song on YouTube that inspired us. Well the same chappie has created one for the 8 times table also. I have included this in the link below. You don't have to follow the same tune, pick another song and see if you can use that tune or create your own tune to sing along to. Why don't you record yourself singing it and upload it to 'Class Dojo' so that I can have a listen.

Eight Times Table Song (Cover of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your eight times ta...