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Maths - Mercury

Friday 3rd April 2020

Well I don't know about you children, but this week has flown by for me! I've been so busy with work and home life. 

Your two-week Easter holiday starts from tomorrow, so this will be your last maths task for a while. However, if you visit the Websites part of this page there will be a few things to keep you going until we meet again 'virtually'. 

Today, try the Magic Number warm up game first.

Here’s an Easter mystery for you to solve:

An Easter Egg hunt cannot take place as someone in the village has cut the Easter Bunny costume into pieces!

Can you solve the mathematical problems to discover who the culprit is?

Have a lovely Easter break and try not to wind up your family members too much devil These are strange times we're living in for sure, but it won't last forever. 

Stay safe and well. 

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 2nd April

Happy Thursday Mercurians! 

For today's maths I would like you to play the fractions games attached below.

If your parents ever have any problems with getting games to work, they can let me know via our new ClassDojo site.  (Hopefully they have had an email invite to click on). 

I wish we were all in the classroom learning about fractions together as it's an area that really needs teaching face to face, but we'll try our best via our gadgets!

Thank you,

Mrs Land x



Wednesday 1st April

More fractions today!

  • Unit fractions have ‘1’ as the numerator (top number), e.g. ½ or ¼. Example: “Dad ate half the buns” or “Dad ate one out of a total of two buns”.
  • Non-unit fractions have a numerator (top number) that is greater than 1, e.g. ¾. 

      Example: ¾ “Of a total of four squares, three are shaded”.

Please have a go at two worksheets attached. As you scroll down each of the pdfs, the first sheet is easier, the second a bit harder then the last one is more challenging.

Choose whichever you feel able to attempt (or all 3 if you like!).

The Reasoning & Problem Solving pdf should be worked on after the first pdf. 

If you don't have access to a printer, can you copy some fractions into your Home Learning book?

Thank you and good luck!

Mrs Land x


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning happy campers!

This morning’s maths task is quick-fire division practice using the Hit the Button website.

Before school closed we had just finished working on division, so hopefully you’ll remember your times tables facts to help.  I’ll include a times tables grid to remind you of x3, x4 & x8.

(If your parents wish to download Hit the Button app onto a tablet e.g. ipad or Amazon Fire, it would allow the timer to be ON or OFF).  

Click on/tap the full screen icon for a better view, then choose Division Facts. Choose to divide by 3 or 4. Some of you will feel more confident with ÷2, ÷5 & ÷10 and that’s fine. 

If you score well on the lower numbers you can move onto ÷8.

When you’ve played Hit the Answer, then play Hit the Question!


Monday 30th March

Hello children

If this was a normal school week we would be learning about fractions, so I have posted a Powerpoint Presentation and worksheets for you to complete with an adult to help. 

Hopefully the Powerpoint will open at home, as this includes slides to help you to learn about fractions.  Click on 'Slideshow' and play 'From Beginning'. 

The worksheets are starred (*/ **/***) - one star is easier, three stars is harder.

If you can't print the worksheet, you could copy the fractions into your Home Learning book.

Thank you and have a good day!

Mrs Land



Friday 27th March

Hi class!

Please take a look at this measuring activity from Mrs Kellet:


Today we are going to get tiny with our measuring. We are going to look at millimetres (mm) and centimetres (cm).

What do you think you could measure in mm? Can you gather together some from around your house, predict how many mm's they are and if you have a ruler at home see how close you were to your approximations. Can you convert the mm's into cm's?

Remember 10mm = 1cm


I have included a mm and cm pdf to help you think in these measurements. I have also placed on a worksheet that you can complete, there are 2 sides. The children have used these before, if they want to build their confidence start on the first page. If you fancy more of a challenge, start on the second page.


mm and cm pdf guide

Thursday 26th March

Using the weblink below, see if you can find 3 numbers that will add up to 30, 32, 34, 36 & 38 from the selection of numbers that you are given.

How many different combinations can you find? 

If you refesh the web browser it should give you a new target number each time.  Click/tap on the numbers you have chosen to check your answer - but no cheating!

Try making a simple number grid on paper with help from an adult or an older brother or sister, then challenge someone else in your house!

For maths tasks on Mon 23rd - Wed 25th March, please see the ones in Y3 Saturn's folder.