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Maths (Mrs Battye)

Please find an Easter inspired maths activity in the Other Subjects section.


If you've managed to complete your work pack from me,  that's great yes If not, keep doing a little bit at a time, there's no rush!!


If you finish the Easter activity and fancy a challenge, have a go at this countdown game online:

Maths ( Miss Henderson)

Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1st April 


Start your maths session by playing Hit the Button Division



After all the hard work you have done in school and at home this half term you should feel more confident with division.

Have a go at solving the following problems. Some are harder than others. If you have your home -school exercise book the group names  for which activity you should do is written on the inside front cover.  Don't worry if you are not sure, start with the 'Triangles' sheet.

Remember to write down your working out using one of the methods you know.  


Thursday 2nd April

Start today's work by revising what we have previously learnt about negative numbers. 

Play this negative numbers game on the Topmarks website. 

Then have a go at doing the maths problem/puzzle. Make sure you read the instructions carefully. You might need to try lots of different options before you get it correct, this  is called trial and error. Eventually you will get the correct answers. 

Friday 3rd April 2020

Normally during Friday's maths lesson we have a longer session using the ipads/laptops/tablets to practise the multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 on ttrock stars or hit the button. You might want to try the snowboarding game as well, make sure you click on Y4 and the times tables you want to practise.  Lets do the same today. You've worked hard all week on a variety of different maths skills  so well done!! Follow the links below.