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Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd April 2020


Try to workout the Mystery of the Easter Bunny costume. Try your best to answer all the questions.

Wednesday 1st April

Times tables

Focus on your times tables for today's lesson. I have attached a 'Golden 99' for you to try and beat your score from last week. I have also put on a Easter themed times table mosaic. Be aware the answers are after each mosaic.


If you would rather go on some times table apps then please do so! Try Times Table Rockstars or Hit the Button or any other times table related app. 

Tuesday 31st March

Starter- Try to go on Hit the Button for 10 minutes.


Year 4 

Recap the different types of triangle. What are the features of the different types? Look back over the PowerPoint from yesterday if you have forgotten. Have a go at completing the sheet on triangles below. This is trickier, so just try your best!


Year 5

Recap what regular and irregular shapes are. Can you identify some shapes for each category? Have a go at completing the sheet on regular and irregular shapes below. This is trickier, so just try your best!

Monday 30th March 2020


Aim to practise your 6,7, 8 and 12 times tables.


Year 4 

We are moving on to look at shape. Today you will be identifying different types of triangles. Use the PowerPoint to learn about the different types of triangles. 


I have attached the 'Triangle Go Fish' game for you to have a go at and also a worksheet. Aim to complete the worksheet that has 2 stars at the bottom. If you want a challenge, go for the sheet that has 3 stars.


Year 5

Year 5 you will also be looking at shape. You will be identifying regular and irregular shapes. Use the  PowerPoint to identify what these are then have a go at completing the activities attached.


I have attached the 'Shape Snap Cards' and an activity sheet. Try to complete the sheet with 2 or 3 stars along the bottom. 

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th


Create a revision poster all about angles. This poster should include everything you know/have learnt about angles. Make it nice and bright with lots of colour (if possible). 


Year 4 include:

What is an angle?

What are the different types of angles?

Explain how to identify different types of angles e.g. acute angle is less than ...

Draw different types of angles.

Use your work from earlier in the week to explain where you might find some types of angles.


Year 5 include:

What is an angle?

What are the different types of angles?

Explain how to measure an angle and what you use to do this (clue it begins with a p).

Explain how to find angles on a straight line and around a point.

Wednesday 25th March 



Try and answer as many of the 99 times table and division questions as you can in 5 minutes. Mark them with an adult and see how many you have got correct. 


Year 4


Continue to work on your times tables using Times Table Rock Stars, Hit the Button or any other times tables app/website - try to practise these for 30 minutes. Remember your log in for Times Table Rock Stars is in your exercise book.


Year 5

Today we are going to focus on angles around a point. 

Use the link below to help you to understand how to work these out.


I have attached a worksheet for you to complete. The format is the same as yesterday. See how many questions you can answers.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Year 4 

Explore your house and garden and see how many different angles you can find. In your exercise book, make a list of the object and what type of angle it is. Try and find a mixture of acute, obtuse and right angles. 


Year 5

We are moving on to find missing angles on a straight line. 

Recap how many degrees are on a straight line.

Use the following link to access a Youtube video that will explain how to find missing angles. 

Once you have watched the video answer the questions on the sheet. If you do not have a printer number the angles and write the answer in your exercise book.

There are lots of angles increasing in difficulty- try and answer as many as you can.  The document for this work is above.








Monday 23rd March 2020


As per usual on a Monday, I would like you to use the following website to learn your times tables. Use level 4 or 5 and aim for 5 or 7 seconds per question. Learn the division facts too.



In Maths we have been looking at angles.

Recap the following questions:

  • How many degrees are there in a right angle?
  • What is an acute angle?
  • How many degrees are there in a straight line?
  • What is an obtuse angle?
  • What is a reflex angle? (Year 5)


In your exercise book, draw a picture from acute, obtuse and right angles. This could be a picture of a house, an animal or anything else you can think of. 


Once you have drawn your picture, identify the different angles with colour coding (like we have done previously in class).


Year 5 try to estimate the angles you have drawn and then if you have a protractor measure them. Don't worry if you don't have one!


Follow the following link for an example: