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Week 1 Maths (Mrs Battye)

I have sent home a pack of worksheets to start this week. This includes revision activities of the topics we have covered so far this year e.g. perimeter/area, angles, symmetry.

Let your child work through these at their own pace this week, recording their answers either on the sheet or in their exercise book.

The websites below are a great starting point to refresh your child's understanding in these areas.

Division on a number line ( Miss Henderson's Maths- Week 1 )


Can you all remember the dividing we were doing a couple of weeks ago, where we used a number line to create groups of/lots of numbers in order to find out how many went into a number. 

Watch the video to recap on the method ( remember we are using this method to make sure we have a really good understanding of what division actually is so it will help us when we have bigger numbers and even decimals to divide when we are further up the school). I know some of you know other methods which is fine but try to do this method first, you could check your answers by using the other methods you know. 

Once you have watched the video have a go at the following questions: You can write them in your exercise book.


88 divided by 4

51 divided by 3

84 divided 6

75 divided by 3

63 divided by 3

91 divided by 7 

96 divided by 6

( these don't have remainders!)

If you do these successfully then why not ask an adult to create you some more or challenge yourself with some harder questions. See if you can do some with remainders.