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Friday 22nd May

Now even though I've put these on early, no cheating! But you can answer your work as you then looking at the answer sheet for that lesson. 

There are also some daily challenges on BBC for you to have a go at!

Also, spend some time practising your times tables using TT Rockstars. 

Monday 18th May - 21st May

Morning all! I'll follow the White Rose Maths lessons for this week again, as it is clear and easy for you to follow. The lessons will be listed below with the video links and worksheets and I'll post the answers on Friday for you to mark your own work.

Times tables Day

Spend some time on TT Rockstars today practising your times tables. See if you can invent a game to test your knowledge. 

Monday 11th May to Thursday 14th May

I'm going to put the White Rose Maths work on again for you to complete for the next 4 days, so one lesson a day. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. I'll post the answers on Friday. This will give you a good mixture of revision and new learning. 


Video Link Document

Tuesday 5th May - Friday 8th May

I am going to put 4 lessons worth of maths work below. Use the first document to access the video links for each lesson to help you work out/remember what to do. Then complete the worksheet to go with that lesson. Try and do one per day and if you finish it quickly, practice your times tables. I will add a the answers for the 4 different lessons on Friday so you can mark your own work. Have fun!


Monday 4th May

Today we are going to have a revision lesson of multiplying and dividing by 10,100,1000. Some of you really struggled with this when we learnt it in class, so will be good to practice again. Use the link below to work through the video and activities. 

Set yourself some questions if you feel confident at the tasks online.

Friday 1st May

Times tables day!

Use today's maths lesson to practice your times tables. Even if you feel confident with them, you need to keep practising to make sure they stay in your head.

Try to mix up multiplication facts and division facts, do them in a random order, ask someone to test you quick fire questions. Use TTRockstars, Hit the button or Daily Challenge. 

Tuesday 28th April - Wednesday 29th April 

Continue with the lessons on the link from yesterday on Oak Academy. They progress onto coordinates and reflection. There should be enough there to keep you going and ill add some other links on Thursday. Have fun.

Monday 27th April 


Translation is all about moving a shape. Work your way through the online lessons about Translation on Oak Academy. This may take you a few days. Practice the method and have a go at translating your own shapes.

Friday 24th April 

You will be looking at 3D shapes. Use the PowerPoint presentation to help you recap some of the 3D shapes. Work through the slides to learn about faces, edges and vertices. Once you have done this, complete the worksheet. If you can not print the worksheet, number or sketch the shapes in your exercise book.


Thursday 23rd April

You are going to look at nets of 3D shapes. Use the video to help you understand what nets are. Have a go at the quizzes underneath the video. see if you can draw some of your own nets.

There is an activity sheet for you to complete where you match the net to the correct shape.

Tuesday 21st April


Year 4

Today you will be looking at symmetry in 2D shapes. Use the following video to learn about symmetry. Once you have watch the video, complete the activity sheet. The instructions are on the sheet. If you can not print the sheet out, draw the shapes into your exercise book and then draw on the lines of symmetry.

Monday 20th April 2020


Starter: Continue to practise your times tables. Use Hit the Button or Daily 10 to help you learn these.


We are going to continue to look at shapes this week.


I would like you to watch the video and then complete the quiz identifying different 2D shapes. Then have a go at identifying the different properties of shapes. For example:


What are the properties of any equilateral triangle?

Monday 23rd March 

Year 5 have just started revising and learning about angles. You should be able to remember a lot of angles learning from last year. 

  • See if you can remember the different types of angles and write a description of each one.
  • Look around your house and garden - what different types of angles can you see? Make a list and describe each one. If you have any chalk or stones, you could also try and make angles on the ground, drawing each. Another good idea is to make different angles lying down with your body. Get someone to take pictures of you with a phone or Ipad so you can see the angles you are making to describe them.
  • There is also an activity to do below if you get chance. If you do not have a protractor at home, just do the other tasks and estimate.

Tuesday 24th March 

Angles on a straight line


How many degrees are there on a straight line?  

How many in a half turn?

A full turn?


Work through the power point and try to answer the questions. If you can't print the activities, jusr write the answers or estimate your own angles. 


Good luck!

Wednesday 25th March 

Angles in a full turn (360 degrees)


Following on from your work yesterday about angles on a straight line, today we are moving on to angles in a full turn. 


I have attached a powerpoint (Like the mastery ones you have seen in class) to work through the activities on a whiteboard or piece of paper. 


Then try the mastery activities. I have also attached an additional sheet of similar questions in case you storm through them! Mrs Jennings suggested posting the answers for some of the worksheets I add so you can mark your own work. So I will post the mastery task answers tomorrow for you!



Thursday 26th March


Please find the answers for yesterday's mastery activity above for you to mark your own work.


If you have a protractor at home, you could practice drawing and measuring different angles accurately. 


I know many of you wan't have a protractor, so don't worry if you can't just go straight on to the lesson below. 




I will put a presentation and some activities about reflection below. Make sure you count the squares from the line of reflection and then back out. If you have a small mirror, you could use that to help. 



Reflection answers

Friday 27th March 



Translation of shapes is all about moving the shape to a different point. It will be difficult to do these activities if you do not have a printer to print the sheets. If you are struggling, just read the powerpoint. If you have squared paper, you could try and do your own game of translation like the resource. See how you get on!



Monday 30th March 


Perimeter of shapes


Look at the powerpoint to explain what perimeter is, but hopefully you should remember!

Have a go at the activities sheet, remember it gets more difficult as the question go on!


There are also some games on the website below:


Tuesday 31st March - Friday 3rd April (Easter Hols)


Answers for perimeter work from yesterday - 

As s starter this week, depending on what time you do your school work, White Rose Maths are having a maths party every day at 10am. Go to:

Then enter your year group, watch the video and try and questions. If you get stuck at home, you can email them for help at


For the rest of this week, I have found lots of different perimeter and area  teaching powerpoints and resources for you to complete. I will order them so you can do one per day and label them for each day up until the Easter hols. I will also add some different challenge activities at the end that you can try if you finish any of the tasks quickly or want an extra challenge. I will put all of the answer sheets together so you can mark as you go. If you have any questions, please message me on Class Dojo. Good luck! 
Hope that's enough! Should take you up to Easter! Have fun!