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Maths Week 3 ( Mrs Battye)


Hello Year 4!


Here we are again as lockdown continues- hope you have enjoyed the Easter holidays, the weather has been great!smiley 

Some of you may already know that BBC bitesize have updated their website and have created daily lessons in maths and lots of other subjects. I'm sure these will be a great learning tool so why not check them out! There are also lots of resources to use on the White Rose Maths website in the Home Learning section which may be useful.


This half term in maths we will be looking at some data handling/statistics work. In other words, information/data can be collected, for example in a survey, and this can then be presented in different types of graph. You have probably heard of some of these and have even drawn them before- pictogram, bar graph/chart and line /time graph. Had you been at school we would have carried out our own surveys e.g. Year 4's favourite food, colour, animal, tv programme etc. We would have recorded our results on a tally chart and then created bar charts . We would also have measured the length of shadows in the play ground across the day to create a time graph- perhaps that is one you could do outside at home, especially as the weather is so sunny at the moment! Look at some of the worksheets below to see how you can draw these types of graph before you try your own.


The resources below are some websites to have a look at, including BBC bitesize maths, and some games to have a go at. 


There are also lots of different worksheets to work through and even a test!! For most of these I have included the differentiated set and answers- *= developing, **expected ***exceeding. There are also pages of squared paper to use and I've included an information sheet for parents.


Alternatively, you can always survey your friends and family by videochat to create your own data and then draw your chart on squared/ plain paper laugh

Let me know of any creative and fun surveys you carry out by messaging me on Class Dojo yes


Mrs Battye smiley


Telling the time information and resources



Scaffolded activity sheets to help your child practise telling the time

What your child is expected to know in Year 4