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This week we are going back to some more work on fractions. Don't panic though, it is easier than you think. We will be adding and subtracting fractions and then doing some maths puzzles and solving some maths mysteries using all our maths knowledge. 

Remember to play lots of mental maths games on Hit The Button, TTRockstars or any games we have mentioned in previous weeks. 


Adding fractions with the same denominator. Remember from our previous work on fractions, the denominator is the number of the bottom of the fraction. When  we add fractions with the same denominator we only add the number on the top of the fraction- the numerator. 

Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation, use the blank fraction wall to answer the questions as you work through the PowerPoint. Once you have done that have a go at the questions. 

Adding Fractions (common denominator)


Subtracting fractions. Work through the PowerPoint presentation, drawing fraction bars to help you answer the questions as you go through. Once you have done that have a go at answering the questions. 

Subtracting Fractions

ONLY WATCH UP TO 1 minute 32!!!!!


Subtracting from whole numbers. This is moving on from yesterday , although it sounds harder it really isn't. The key is to remember how many parts make a whole.  e.g 1 whole is 3/3 so 2 wholes are 6/3  You can subtract a fraction from the whole so 2 - 2/3 = 4/3 because 2=6/3 and 6/3 -2/3 = 4/3.  You can then change this into a mixed number 4/3 = 1 and 1/3. (Don't worry about changing into a mixed number if you can't remember what to do).


As a bit of light relief after all the hard work with fractions, have a go at these maths puzzles. There are four to choose from or you can have a go at all of them. 


Have a go at one of these maths mysteries. You can choose which one you do or have a go at both.