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This week you are going to consolidate your knowledge and understanding of shape. Below is a document showing all the things you need to know; work through it with someone at home to see what you can and can't do. If there is anything you are struggling with have a look on BBC bitesize or Topmarks to have a go at some extra activities to help you. Or get in touch via dojo and I can try to help you.

I'd love to see some of your symmetry pictures.

What you need to know about shape in Year 4



Have a go at one or more of these warm-ups each day:


TT rockstars/ Hit the button

Countdown numbers (see weblink below)

Teach your parent/carer how to play 'Guess my number' or Guess my shape'

Topmarks Daily 10 (see weblink below)




Complete the tasks below about shapes and the properties of quadrilaterals.

Check your knowledge of shape by having a go at this Topmarks sorting game:



Can you remember the different types of triangle and their properties?

Have a go at the worksheet below. There are 3 different levels of difficulty.



What is a line of symmetry? Have a go at the activity- can you remember how to find the lines of symmetry in  a polygon and what the pattern looks like?

Play this symmetry game on Topmarks. There are lots of options to choose from- you may want to try the pattern option as this links to your task.
Design your own symmetrical patterns with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of symmetry by colouring squares.



Have a go at the shape mini-assessment.

Can you  design your own symmetrical picture either by colouring squares or using straight lines? 

Use the squared paper below.

Extension Tasks


Have a go at the problem solving tasks in this booklet for further consolidation in this topic.