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Subtraction -Revision 

This week we are revising the column subtraction method. We will start with some straight forward subtractions with no borrowing and build up to more and more borrowing. Hopefully you will remember the methods.  


Start today by subtracting 4 digit numbers. These calculations can be done by drawing a place value grid with place value counters ( see below) or can be done with the column subtraction. 

With the place value method you can cross out the Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones you are subtracting and then count how many you have left. 

Column subtraction with no borrowing/exchanging = 




Start in the ones column and do 4 -1 = 3 (write 3 below the 1, in the ones column)

Then move to the tens column and do 2-0 = 2( write 2 below the 0, in the tens column)

Then to the hundreds column and subtract 3 from 6 = 3 ( write 3 below the 3, in the hundreds column)

Finally to the thousands column and do 5 -2= 3( write 3 below the 2, in the thousands column)


Have a go at the worksheet below and remember to check your work with the answer sheet.



Today it gets a little bit harder with some borrowing happening. Hopefully you will remember this from when we did it in school. Have a look at this video clip which explains all the subtraction methods we are using this week. Hopefully the method will come flooding back to you. Don't worry if it doesn't you could watch the video again and you could keep practising the method from yesterday without borrowing (see activity sheet choice below)

Column subtraction by Miss Henderson

Still image for this video

Column subtraction 2

Still image for this video

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Subtraction



Continue with subtraction, this time with more than one borrow (it is called an exchange on the worksheet). Start at question 1 e and use the column method rather than the place value method as that is the method that we used in school and were really good at. Again if you are struggling with the borrowing then choose the no borrowing worksheet below. 

Remember all the answers are there so if you are finding it hard you could check to make sure you are doing it correct. 

Column Subtraction Number 3

Still image for this video



Today is all about finding an efficient way to subtract which may be column method, adjusting numbers or even using a number line, which ever you find the easiest and quickest. Again there are some non borrowing questions if you still need to practise. 



Today have a go at solving these worded subtraction problems. Remember to look for the maths in the problem and don't get confused by any extra information. 

If you have not been doing the borrowing question from earlier in the week then today you need to finish off any questions you have not managed to get done.