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Revision video

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If you are struggling to remember the method, watch the short video for a recap.

Revision 2

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Now there is one exchange/carry.

Have a go.

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This week we are revising addition using the column method. We did this in school back in October, hopefully you will remember what to do. 

Remember keep learning times tables and division facts using hit the button or times table rock star. 


Monday starts with adding on 1, 10, 100 or 1000's. Think carefully about place value and only adding in that place value position. 


Adding. The questions aren't set out in columns but that is the way we have done them in the past and the way we had most success. See if you can remember what to do. 


Now the adding is getting a little harder. These questions have an exchange in ( we called that carrying). 


If you are feeling confident and have done well so far choose the harder set of questions which have more than one carry or exchange to do. Be careful, take you time and remember you can check your work with the answers page.  If you are still unsure continue with the 4 digits with only one exchange. 


Have a go at these pyramid addition problems.